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4 Stars based on 85 Review(s)
5 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
Awesome accuracy.
January 19, 2018
I purchased these years ago for shooting small pests. They are the best and most accurate .177 pellet that my Gamo rifle uses. Years ago I bought a nice scope which is bigger then what came with my Gamo rifle. The accuracy was much improved with this scope vs using scope that came with the rifle. I have a bunch of different types of pellets, and when I use these different pellets I get poor results when it comes to accuracy and kill shots. The gold rapture pellets make accurate deadly kill shots most of the time. Even with the longer more complicated shot's I always hit the target. The difference in penetration is easily seen upon inspecting my kill shots using these pellets.
Accurate and precise.
Pricey but worth it.

Henderson, Kentucky
2 Stars
Breaks the sound barrier but does not like any breeze at all.
May 26, 2017
Well, they do break the sound barrier every time, but if there is a slight breeze, they drift. I even shot them inside in my basement, and the air vent had to be closed because at 20 yards, the air from the vent moved them. I will not be purchasing them any more. I will use what I have left for my air pistol for plinking in the basement.
sounds cool when you break the sound barrier and you hear both cracks!
too light for hunting or rifle target (20+ yard) plinking.

Davis, CA
4 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
accurate and cast well
April 23, 2017
I've had no issues with accuracy or casting in ~4 years of using them. In fact, have not had a single pellet deformed.

Clifton Springs, NY
3 Stars
March 19, 2016
These pellets are fast through my Benjamin Steel Eagle. They sound like a 22 round when fired. not very accurate
not accurate

Racine, WI
1 Stars
Pellet comparisons
August 6, 2015
Don't waste your money on the "Raptor Power Pellets". They are poorly cast! If you want a Gamo product, I would recommend their "Red Fire" pellets instead. Better than that, I would recommend you look at the RWS line of ammo. I had just bought my first series air rifle. Upon sighting it in, I started with the Gamo Raptor pellets and found them totally unacceptable to the usual "round" pellets. To many of them would resist loading. This was consistent with the four containers I bough from two different sources. As I mentioned about other choices, I am sticking to the RWS brand (I'm not promoting them, but think you will have better shooting with them). Try them and see. That is the best way to improve your shooting! If you want to try GAMO ammo, I would recommend using the "Red Fire" pellets.
Can't recommend any "pros".
Poorly caste. To many wasted pellets! Walk A-W-A-Y from the RAPTOR pellets.

Chicago, IL
3 Stars
Only fair accuracy
July 26, 2015
I'm going to compare several pellets and give them scores, RELATIVE TO EACH OTHER, ranging from 0-10. The pellet gun I'm using is the Benjamin Trail NP .177 caliber. Since my targets are chipmunks, I've only tested this at ranges from 10' out to 30'. I know that's not very far, but my kill zone is less than 1" diameter. Against a chipmunk, stopping power is kind of hard to judge, so I used a coffee can for that. Beeman Silver Arrow. Score - 8. Surprisingly tight groups with no bullet drop out to 30'. Doesn't always penetrate the coffee can and the dent in the can isn't as large as I thought such a heavy pellet would give. RWS Hypermax. Score - 10. There might be better pellets out there, but I haven't tested them yet. Stopping power is hard to gauge here too. Goes right through chipmunk and coffee can. Such a clean hole it almost seem armor piercing. RWS Meisterkugeln. Score - 8. Just as tight group as Silver Arrow and Hypermax. Doesn't penetrate coffee can either, but I'm going to assume a blunt pellet hitting with such velocity at close range is going to be bad news for the poor chipmunk. Crosman Destroyer. Score - 7. Not as tight a group as above, but pretty good and much better that others I've shot. Stopping power? Tumbles in flight so leaves a gaping, jagged hole in coffee can. It does this every time. Crosman Supersonic SSP. Score - 5. Groups are too large to be useful at anything past 10'. Good penetration, but who cares if your not going to hit your target. Crosman Powershot Gold. Score - 0. Bad groups, poor penetration. Usually doesn't expand to fill up pistols rifling. No penetration of coffee can. Remember this is only tested on 1 pellet gun. It might be better on others. RSW Super H Hollowpoint. Score - 5. Fair groups, but pistol doesn't have the velocity to let this expand. Seldom, but sometimes would penetrate coffee can. Gamo Raptor PBA. Score - 5. Kinda same groups as others with this score. Penetrates coffee can with no distortion like Crosman Supersonic SSP and RWS Hypermax.
Lead free
Not accurate in my pistol.

Santa Rosa, CA
3 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
Shoots strong
July 7, 2015
Hard hitting pellet, but aim is a bit off. Works best in my smaller air guns.
Hard hitting, puts a big hole threw sheet rock. Works best in my smaller air guns.
Aim not as good as it could be for the price.

Western N. C. mountains
4 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
Hard hitting ammo
December 31, 2014
Amazing extra speed and shocking hard hitting
speed and power with hard hitting results. accuracy to be determined
a bit pricey and I did not like the packaging

2 Stars
Poor Accuracy
April 27, 2014
I wanted a good hunting pellet and these are not very good. Very inconsistent out of my match grade air rifle.

Medford n.j.
5 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
Clean and easy to load
April 17, 2014
Pricey but good quality

2 Stars
Poorly Made
March 3, 2014
I bought a pack of 100 to try... They were great, grouped very well... I ordered four more packs because I thought I had found the best pellet for my gun... It seems the first pack I bought was not the norm... Every pack I have tried after that, the pellets are very inconsistently made... Some fit great, some you have to force in and some fit so loose they fall out if not careful when closing the barrel... So what I have noticed is the loose one shoot different than the tight ones... If you only shoot the good fitting ones they group good but that means throwing away maybe 15% of the pellets... this really make them expensive...
poorly made

fort walton beach, florida
2 Stars
Not for all rifles and conditions.
January 28, 2014
I don't like these. They are light but, the are loud. I don't find these to be very accurate either. Expensive.

Waukesha, Wisconsin
2 Stars
2 out of 5
January 6, 2014
These are Gamo's attempt at lighter, therefore faster, therefore more powerful pellet. Truth is, yes they are lighter. yes they are faster, and for most cases, no this is not good. First with most air rifles upwards of 1000 fps these pellets break the sound barrier and are very loud so not good for backyard use. Also, because they are so light it is extremely difficult to shoot these accurately as the smallest movement makes them way off target. Another thing is that at the high speeds there is way too much energy left after the exit of an animal if you are hunting. A heavier pellet would put all of its energy in the animal creating a more humane kill. So yes they are faster and lighter, but I would not recommend these for hunting or plinking, plus Gamo feels the need to make them pricey because they look good at first glance.
Inaccurate, pricy, loud, not suitable for hunting

5 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
great pellet
September 14, 2013
Nice accurate pellet but a little expensive. Puts a nice exit hole in targets
Very fast and accurate

Sidney, NY
5 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
Great Pellet
March 7, 2013
Use them in my Gamo Hunter Super Sport. The are very fast and accurate. I have no problem getting nice groups with them. On my gun at 30yrds they shoot about 4-5 inches higher than lead, so sight accordingly.
Speed Accurate Cleaner than lead
Little pricey

New Hampshire
5 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
The best pellet out there
February 24, 2013
Super accurate and repeatable. Don't waste your money on a different pellet.
Fast. Accurate. Packs a helluva punch!
Very loud

Fair Oaks, Ca
5 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
Very Nice Groupings at 30 yds
February 5, 2013
Very attractive. Real gold plating (performed acid test). Really nice groupings at 30 yards with Gamo Varmint Hunter XP. Excellent penetration.
Real Gold Accuracy Penetration

Brian S.
2 Stars
Bad Batch?
January 14, 2013
Just my observations. I did notice a slight increase in noise. I was able to sight in my scope pretty well, so they shoot decently straight. The cut of the pellets was crappy, flakes on the seams in about 1 in 5 pellets. I also noted that some were overly tight in the breach, some were nice and tight and some were pretty loose in the breach. Maybe it's a bad batch. I paid 14 USD for 100 of them. Probably about 10 percent of the shots were strays to 4-5 inches off target. I like the idea. Maybe there is a better brand. I'd like to see some select gold coated pellets in the 8-10 grain range.
Higher velocity, decent accuracy, and good idea poor execution. This caliber of pellet should be hand selected.
Louder and poor precision.

Norman, OK
5 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
very good pellets
January 12, 2013
Speed and POP!!! Sound good with my ruger magnum.
Making good groupings in 25 yards with ruger magnum.

Emerson, Georgia
5 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
Raptor Pellets
January 3, 2013
These pellets significantly increase the velocity of the guns. They maintain their accuracy through the high speeds.
Powerful and accurate.

Arthur H
Rochesster NY
5 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
New Pellets
March 8, 2012
Super product and they accomplish what they are saying as to the increased speed and accuracy. Highly recommend.
Great for the aiir pistols and leave no residue

Clayton, DE
4 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
not too bad
March 2, 2012
not a bad round, light and fast like its supposed to be.

Atascadero, CA
3 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
expensive but satisfying
January 25, 2012
the fps increase was good i would recommend rws hypermax pellets if you want maximum benefits. gamo raptors are fun to have and cool cuz of the gold. ive killed many squirrels with these and wish more came for the same price.
gold effective hunting pellet

5 Stars
Very fast and loud!
August 27, 2011
I love these pellets. Makes your gun shoot alot faster then with lead pellets and the noise level is up there with a .22 rifle. I don't recommend shooting these around populated areas. They will draw attention due to the noise increase and can cause some serious damage due to power increase over lead pellets. I would also sight your gun in using these if you plan on shooting them alot. As with all pellets they each have thier own characteristics and shooting patterns. they work great in my Stoeger x-50.

Gary Thompson
5 Stars
PBA Raptor pellets
April 29, 2011
tight groups with these pellets

sotx photog
5 Stars
English House Sparrow killer
April 8, 2011
accurate, does the job ammo. Using a Gamo Whisper DX with the 3-9x40 scope, can get headshots of English House Sparrows at 25yrds. Excellent for Sparrow & Starling control if you have Purple Martin Houses.

4 Stars
raptor pellets
April 2, 2011
Work well with RWS gun.

5 Stars
PBA Raptor Pellets
March 16, 2011
I shot through my 6x6 metal shed and the pellet had enough to stick in my wood fence. Not as accurate as I was hoping but that is probably me any way.

5 Stars
Gamo PBA Raptor Pellets .177 Cal
February 2, 2011
As some folks have said there are some quality issues with these pellets as some are larger then others. Maybe I got a bad batch but it was bad enough to jam my gun every so often. Even with that I like them as they are fast and go right through the rats I hunt.

2 Stars
January 15, 2011
Honestly, i have to say that i'm alittle disapointed. It is a good-looking pellet and all but it isn't very good. They ARE fast and on the occasion that they don't miss they hit pretty hard. But there lies a problem. They are less accurate than BB's. I was zeroing in my brand-spanking new Gamo Big Cat when I noticed that my shots were going every direction but the target. It wasn't my breathing or my stance because I was sitting in a chair with the gun on 2 towels on a table. Your better off using Crossman Field points. Enough said.

John L. Barwiler
5 Stars
PBA Raptor Pellets .177 cal
January 2, 2011
There great they shoot accurately and thats what i want

5 Stars
Great pellet
December 17, 2010
Of all the various pellets I tried, I like these the most. Lead free, gold plated, and fly straight and hard. To date these have been responsible for ending the lives of the most groundhogs I shot in the last 2 years with my Ruger Airhawk. The skirts are nice and even, no thin spots, the balance is good, penetration is wonderful and wound channels are nice and deep, impact is nice and hard. If you have a pest problem such as groundhogs, use these and he won't be happy with you.

5 Stars
December 5, 2010
These pellets has a lot of velocity. shot a can and it went right thourgh it!!!!!!

4 Stars
pba raptor .177 cal
August 30, 2010
the pba raptor is a gold plated pellet(the plating is only one-tenth of a human hair thick) that has high velocity, but little to no expansion, i went in the woods today with my old crosman strom xt, and found a small group of english sparrows in the cedar trees, i loaded one in, aimed, turn off the safety and pow!! i missed, tried hittinn the dumb sparrows (which didnt know where i was so they didnt fly away) about ten times and missed or just scraped the birds, my scope was callibrated with 7.9 gr crosman premiers, and i recalled that raptors POI is an inch or 2 to the left at 20yds in my gun on my traget, and that was the same distance of the shot i was presented, so i aimed with the 1st mildot left from the center of the crossair, aimed, turn off safety, and pow!! got him(or her), the result was a clean, instant chest shot, with little blood!

5 Stars
These pellets rock
July 20, 2010
These pellets are awesome the other day i saw a buzzard and put one in its neck. it flew off but 3 seconds later all i heard was a huge thud it was out

5 Stars
My perfered pellet
July 7, 2010
Every kill shot I have made was with these pellets in a ruger airhawk rifle. Although I hear plenty of whining here about them I take them on every serious hunt. I took out 4 groundhogs and a nasty muskrat last year. Every one was killed with gamo raptors from long range and no scope. Once you get used to them you will like them and trust them. I also use these for competition shoots with other family with my baikal mp-61. It performs well every time.

3 Stars
hunting target shooting backyard
June 22, 2010
although these pellets increase your accuracy because they are so light they fly all over the place. they aren't accurate. they don't have stopping power like something like a hollow point. and they're to expensive for regular purchase. if they were cheaper and a little more accurate gamo is definitely on to something though because lead has been proven to fill up in the barrel and tends to deform which can jam your gun.

5 Stars
June 18, 2010
these things rip, i put one in my Gamo Big Cat 1200 and it tore through a pretty thick peice of plywood. BUY THESE!

nunya B. isness
4 Stars
April 3, 2010
sound cool not very accurate no inertia to keep them going(lead is faster at 65 yds) cant use for hunting due to noise and in accuracy a bad thing, your not supposed to use on targets due to overpenetration, but how are you supposed to sight these in for hunting (bore sighting doesnt work for these)

Nate Dawg
3 Stars
March 13, 2010
These pellets give a nice KA-POW in the Gamo Big Cat. But just a POW in the crosman storm xt. Great velocity, bad accuracy and groups in the Bic Cat

Ben NM
3 Stars
Fast...but slow quickly
January 24, 2010
Ok, so the raptors are fast. One thing to remember is that lighter pellets have no inertia to keep them up to speed. At 30 yards, crosman premiers penetrate a bar of soap...completely. These did not. At closer ranges, though, they zip through stuff like lightning. Really, though, for the majority of airgun hunting, stick to a good, consistent, LEAD pellet. These are fun and fast, but have no real use beyond close range hunting. Yeah...I've seen the videos of boars being dropped by this pellet out of a .22 caliber air rifle. However, for long range, physics doesn't lie.

4 Stars
Average pellet
November 11, 2009
These are truely fast and powerful pellets but really need some work on it's accuracy and produceing more consitant groupings.

4 Stars
pba gamo big cat
September 20, 2009
i only could hit 50 yards if that on the electic poles as far as having fun. both items have punch, but i am two inches off my target . I save my these for special acations. i hit crossmans . the pigiens make a 1/2 one sixty feather fly every where . could see the bird expression and drop.

5 Stars
The holy grail
September 4, 2009
Firstly, before you shoot them-compensate your sights for the weight-(while sighting; sooting at many layers of wet card board to reuse theis precieuse ammo!) Basicly~ 14k gold... ... these pellets are what god uses as pellets. if u use a wet phone book as a backing you might be able to conserve ammo by reusing it. Bang for the buck - best joice in my opinion. Oh!- if you like these try out the hypervalocity savot pellets (pellets with plastic sleves that act as tephlon tiped bullets)

3 Stars
July 31, 2009
I bought a Crosman storm (1000fps) and decided to try some new pellets. I was using regular crosman pointed pellets which have been the best pellets ive used. first day i got these pellets i went to sight my gun in. the pellets had awesome penetration and speed but i couldnt hit the target. i worked with it for several hours and couldnt get it any better. next day shot crosman pointed pellets and it only took about 10 minutes to sight it in.

3 Stars
Poorly made
July 19, 2009
I do like Gamo but these pellets can't expand making them bad for hunting...also they are inconsistent in the size of there skirts. Some will barely squeeze in the barrel and the others will almost fall thru... another pointer is that are inaccurate because of the vary in the skirt size... they would be great if they would make all the pellets the same size!!!!!!

5 Stars
big bang theory
June 25, 2009
be aware that these pellets look nothing like that picture...all pointed it is dome shaped 100%. you wont beileve this at 20 yards i shot and killed instantly a 238lb boar. no joke...these are some bad ass pellets...gamo has a real product in these. and for the accuracy...if your trying to shoot sparrows at 80 yards probally not gonna happen and you shouldnt shoot small animals with theses trust me...they explode and you have to clea ur backyard...well if you looking for pinppoint accuraccy these arent for you. but if your looking for decent accuracy with a punch they are the smalles thing i would reccomend shooting with this pellet even though it is unnecicery is a large squirrel. and these pellets are good for pest control. and only use in gun at least 650 -680 fps.

5 Stars
more power
September 15, 2008
cheap chinese spring guns become competent varmiters with these fast pellets

4 Stars
4 inches group
July 6, 2008
After several shoots i make 4 inches group average, with the magnum i make 1/2 to 1 inch group, pescision versus velocity

mike n
5 Stars
gamo raptor pellets
June 26, 2008
This pellets seems to be the only gun delivers awesome power and at only about 5 grains the speed is the best

5 Stars
Ho Ya there fast and powerful.
June 15, 2008
Super, great rounds. made my air rifles sound like a .22 long rifle going off... power woo!!! at 20 yards. went throw 3/4 inches of M grade ply. wood and still made a hole in the wall, watch were you fire these rounds is all i got to say.

5 Stars
May 13, 2008
Much like Bert I tried these through my new Whisper at 3/4" plywood at ~10yds. I fired a lead, a steel sabot type and Raptor pellets at the board. The lead penetrated about 1/4", the sabot about 1/2" and the Raptor... well, it went through! Multiple firings netted the same results. p.s. do not use in low power

5 Stars
nice but...
May 5, 2008
these are the rowal jewels of airgun hunting. They hit hard, hit accurate and make a beautiful sharp report down range. However they pretty much make gamo's noise reduction technology on the whisper a moot point but do an excellent job and I believe would be well capable of taking down a larger animal such as a boar. I got 4 muskrat and an annoying turtle with these things.

5 Stars
very good rounds
May 1, 2008
I just zero'd in my new Gamo Whisper and put it and the PBA pellets to the test. I taped a penny to a box of stuff, mostly clothes my ex-girlfriend left behind to use as a backstop. I measured it off 30 feet from the penny to the muzzle of the gun lined it up and took the shot. I hit the penny dead center as I later found out when I located the penny. Through the sights the penny simply disappeared. I found the pieces of the penny and the spent PBA pellet in the box of clothes which is amazing enough but it gets better! at 1200 feet per second the pellet not only hit the penny dead center but shattered the penny which followed it through the box, through the clothes in the box and deposited the penny and the pellet in a rather badly shattered plastic fish tank near the center of the mess. The penny was through but the pellet suffered just some missing gold on the point. there was no detectable deformation after all that penetration! I saved the pellet and penny for the doubters. My opinion is these have excellent penetration for game hunting, are almost illegally deadly and would easily take down a 200-250 pound boar when aimed correctly but i wouold not use these shots for smaller game such as muskrat as I believe they would pass right through the animal. I'd perfer a shot that mushrooms out and does more internal damage when hunting pests even if i need to sacrafice 200 feet per second. Large game, this is a total dream shot to use. i give it 5 stars and 2 thumbs up for larger game.

5 Stars
Very good
April 20, 2008
Therse pellets are not as pointed as they look in the picture. More of a dome shape. When shot from a crosman nightstalker at a metal target the top half seperates from the skirt. Appears to be shooting faster than lead pelets. In plywood they Go in about 1/6'' than all other lead pellets that i tried. They are expensive, but are still my favorits pellet.

5 Stars
April 8, 2008
the raptor pellets are really good, the are accurate and shoot fast, they really good for hunting,BUT I REALLY THINK GAMO SHOULD MAKE A .22 VERSION OF THE RAPTOR PELLET

4 Stars
good pellets
February 26, 2008
these pellets are ok but ive found better they dont have the knockdown power like most pellets but they not bad (good for pistols)

5 Stars
February 24, 2008

peggy @
5 Stars
January 15, 2008
I have only shot the pba raptor pellets., have not shot any lead pellets yet to compare. they are fast i will probable use the PBA only thanks Peggy

5 Stars
December 30, 2007
i fired it into 3/4" pine at about 25 yards. went in about 1/4" and amazingly held its shape.. should be great on rabbits and squirrels

Ny hunt
4 Stars
Why not try
December 26, 2007
my first 3 shoots with these i put in a .33 inch group, and the second pellet went through the hole of the first. I just my a Gamo Big Cat 1200 for Christmas and the gun puts crosman pointed pellets in the same group. I wouldn't have tried this ammo because I thought it wouldn't work, and it is expensive, but it was worth it because it just happens to shoot well. Plus they also go faster, I hear sonic booms shooting PBA, but nothing else. Just try a pack

Never to Old
4 Stars
Fast Pellet
December 24, 2007
This is a fast shooting pellet weighing only 5 g The trade off for the speed is accuracy.... Still gets four stars.

5 Stars
Gamo Raptor pellets
December 13, 2007
Hot stuff!!

5 Stars
Gamo Raptor Pellets
November 15, 2007
Work great, not as accurate most pellets, but they haul some butt!

5 Stars
November 3, 2007
hey if any1 has a crosman quest 1000 or a crosman phantom 1000 and they've used this pellet tell me what you think of it because I am trying to decide what gun to buy and what ammo to buy.

David Caceres
5 Stars
October 25, 2007
Though slightly higher priced than normal pellets, these are well worth it because they give you further range, higher accuracy at that higher range, and more penetration on closer shots. Great for varmint hunting!

shooter dude
5 Stars
October 23, 2007
this ammo is the best on the market I had a cheap Chinese import I got at a surplus store and its pretty good but it was heavy and it was cheaply made THE only thing that I ever killed ( actually my friend did ) is a ground hog with the PBA ammo the gun shot like 650 fps standard but with the PBA ammo was able 2 take out a ground hog. this stuff is accurate and powerful

jim bob bolushie
3 Stars
October 22, 2007
buy primere and read mr m these will only work on certain guns and sure their fast but not all that special when it comes to accuracy its just ok from 1in to 7in radius but you can do better read what mr m suggests hes straight up right

4 Stars
Gamo pba
October 3, 2007
i shot this at my old metal pellet case it went clear through.But there so darn expensise $.08 a pellet. Doesn't smash on impact like lead just keeps going.Also I wish that the quanity was bigger

mars bar
5 Stars
best of the best
September 15, 2007
i got a quest pellet gun and with this pellet its so cool i shot a skunk in the woods and it took me 1 shot

4 Stars
much better than lead
September 13, 2007
bought some with my varmint hunter. much louder than lead resulting in higher speed. penitrates plywood much deeper. I used pointed lead to site in the gun than switched to these not to waste to many, worth the money

3 Stars
rev 2
August 15, 2007
They may go faster, but the consistency of the pellets is not as good as NWS brand

4 Stars
Good penetration but not so accurate
July 30, 2007
This packs much more punch than other pellets; however, it's not as accurate. Maybe as someone suggested, I just need to adjust my aiming to compensate.

varmit hunter
5 Stars
great ammo
July 24, 2007
this ammo is the best i have ever shot! i have a gamoi recon and i have got ground hogs from 20 yards away with 1 shot amazing ammo

Dan B.
5 Stars
Worth the money
May 29, 2007
Had a skunk on my property. My retriever got into it with the stinker... Tried the Gamo ballistics... No go Went to the Gamo Raptors and 1 shot no more skunk...Really cool screeck from this pellet really fast and powerful... Worth the money!

5 Stars
Best pellet out there
May 24, 2007
ya theyre loud, but there is no questioning that their faster/ stronger than any other pellet. more expensive but worth the price in my opinion.

5 Stars
May 17, 2007
fast,accurate and powerful, these pellets rock the casbah

5 Stars
April 26, 2007
wow amazing totally with the gamo viper and the phantom 100x from crossmen bullets shoot very acurate. i shot a bird frome 50 yards away and hit it these bullets i recumend to anyone who whats to use air rifles to hunt small game........

5 Stars
April 26, 2007
wow totally amazing with gamo viper

5 Stars
very pleased with proformence
April 22, 2007
i use these in my daisy bb/pellet gun it shoots about 1000 FPS but sadly it broke so im getting the tech force 38 and im gonna be using these they are GREAT for squirrel hunting

Tom Scudder
5 Stars
amazing load
April 22, 2007
Really accurate.....amazing load!!!

3 Stars
not crosman friendly
March 4, 2007
these pellets along with the rocket pellets do not work well in the crosman 1077 rifle clips but do seem to work well in the crosman 357w Co2 pistol due to their lengthy design they will cause jams in the 1077 also note that they fit extremely snug in these 12 shot mags, i found that even using airsource bottles over powerlets that these and the rockets sometimes are so snug in the mags that they wont be fired and become half lodged in the barrel and half in the mag making firing impossible and mag removal difficult....... the upside the seem to work great in everything else (note from Airgun Depot. These pellets were mainly designed for break barrel spring rifles...they don't work well in most magazines but are great for high powered rifles)

5 Stars
December 16, 2006
the pba ammo is a great product. i use them with my gamo hunter 1250 hurricane rifle and it makes it go up to and even over 1600 FPS!!! the rifle itself goes about 1250fps with standard lead pellets. the best thing about it is GAMO MAKES THEM!!!

5 Stars
Like, WOW
November 30, 2006
Just got them. Had to resight my scope. Lighter than my usual hunting pellet. Used 3/8" oak for backing. Blew holes right threw it. Beeman Silver Arrow punched but not as clean. 1/2" group at 25 meters. Some double holes. Very acurate and quite clean. I'm sure this will take care of my racoon problem.

Chris Rummel
3 Stars
gamo PBA ammo
November 25, 2006
Wow! I thought the speed of this ammo was just marketing hype, but man does this stuff go! I just got a Gamo Viper and it came with 50 rounds of PBA. I thought cool, probably just shoots like any other ammo except it is gold. Until I shot it, all the other ammo I've been shooting varies depending on the weight. I had sighted in the scope with light weight match ammo, then tried some of the magninum stuff. the magnum rounds shot differently, but all were audibly similar. Then I load a PBA, it is definately different you get a crack from the round breaking the sound bearier, this kind of defeats the purpose of shooting an air rife since I want it to be silent for backyard shooting and it was way off hitting wise. so if you shoot this you will need to re adjust the scope for this rounds trajectory. which I may do if I shoot it more often, so I can't review the accuracy side of it but it is definately truckin! The penitration seems really good too, since it tore a really clean hole through the old door I was shooting at. Great ammo if you can deal with the crack of it, but you will want to shoot something else for quiet shooting.

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