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4.5 Stars based on 86 Review(s)
4 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
September 18, 2012
Had this gun for 3 years until it finally died. It is amazing in every way possible! High round capacity, easy trigger pull, powerful and accurate. An overall great gun and by far my best buy!
It's power and has a high mag capacity.
After a while, fully automatic fails and a load of gas escapes. I can say that fully auto did not work for 2 of the 3 years I had this. This is why I would give 4/5.

G Buerau
Neenah, WI
4 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
Great Gun
November 26, 2011
Works great, just need an extra magazine

Tactical Force TF11
5 Stars
September 1, 2011
This is the best airsoft gun I ever had! Pros: great rpm (rounds per minute), good fps (feet per second), very durable. Cons: none. overall great gun, a must buy!

5 Stars
June 14, 2011
Pros: Gun is very fun to use, spits the bbs out faster then i can load them. blow back, partial metal, 350 fps, 50 round mag, full auto. great gun. Cons: Kills co2 really fast, two mags and the co2 is at the point where the blow back wont go far enough to even shoot. when co2 is low it dry shots about five more times before it stops. switching from single to full auto messes up sometimes. could have been more metal to be for durable.

5 Stars
TF 11
June 5, 2011
Omg when you get this gun in the box, you can't wait to get it open. Trust me, it looks waaaayyy better in person. It even sounds WAYYY louder in person. The gun does require an extra magazine but it doesn't really matter. Just fire a few rounds at a time on full auto to conserve gas and ammo. The speed loader really is a charm when it comes to quick loading. Definitely recommend that you don't lose it as it can conserve you minutes to load your gun. It really looks like the real deal. Just make sure you don't waste its potential by dry firing and make sure you maintain it by oiling it and what not. Go get this gun before the sale runs out!

H man
5 Stars
February 26, 2011
Got this about this time last year. 100% worth it. Very fast and hurts like a mofo .only cons are that it burns through gas too fast and could use a bigger mag. Great for backyard wars or a sidearm for the more serious airsofter.

5 Stars
tf 11
February 26, 2011
i would recomend this gun because it hurts and you can make your friends run away like babies, but it use's co2 like crazy. i can use the same co2 cartireg for about 1 1/2 clips after that there's not enought presure to keep the cocking mechanism will weeken and it wont cetch so use it on semi after on clip on full to save some gas and need 3-4 clips exstra for an airsoft war i me and my friend have over 30 guns and we're telling you that you guys need to buy a 100 pack 12g for this gun for airsoft war every 2 weeks

5 Stars
pretty good
February 17, 2011
pretty sturdy gun, and has a very high rate of fire.

5 Stars
December 23, 2010
is this gun good for war

Airsoft pro 101
4 Stars
December 17, 2010
this is a great shoots fast but runs out of CO2 pretty also uses alot of bbs..(use .2s or.25s). u would like to use this as a side arm since it runs out of ammo fast unless u fave extras mags and just usin with ur friends in the back yard. its pretty acurate and looks cool. it has good fps too. its also a good price so if i were u i would think of buyin this for a side arm

5 Stars
awesome gun
October 13, 2010
This is an awesome gun I got it for 80 dollars . I dont care who you are that is definetly worth the price.

4 Stars
Not perfect, but very worthwhile!
September 24, 2010
Just recieved a couple of these today, along with spare magazines (you WILL want spare magazines, this thing eats ammo like crazy!). -Construction- First thing I noticed was the construction. It was light and a small, owing to a mostly ABS body with a metal bolt area. While it certainly looks great overrall it will not compare to full metal Mac11s in appearance. There is a slight wobble from the magazine in the magwell but that can be remedied with a little electrical tape. All in all the gun is light, easy to point, open bolt and very cool. Fairly easy on the wallet too. -Magazine- The magazines load co2 extremely quickly and easily, which is a godsend. Just plunk a 12gram into the metal tube, screw it in until after you hear the hiss, then tighten and you're ready to roll. No alan wrenches or serious effort required, easily doable in battlefield conditions if so needed. The loading of BBs itself was actually the most time consuming, I found that I could never quite get a perfect double stack all the way down the mag, but I'm certain thats from a lack of experience and not the magazine itself. -Gas Usage- Gas use is a bit on the heavier side, with gas consumption being a serious issue on full auto mag dumps. If you want a gun to dump out whole mags with a single trigger pull use an AEG, not this thing. The TF11 conserves its gas more reasonably in bursts, and its actually quite miserly with gas on semi auto. This gun would make for a suitable sidearm if used on semi, with the added bonus of having a larger than normal magazine as well as the option to switch to full auto in a pinch. -Shooting- Don't bother using .12s with this gun, its velocity is too high for such a light BB. Use .2s or .25s for decent accuracy. All in all this is not a distance shooting weapon, but it can easily peg man shaped objects out to around 75 feet in good conditions. And I say PEG objects because this thing shoots fairly hot for a pistol, around 300~ fps with .2s. I don't envy someone getting full auto'd with this in CQB, I imagine it would ruin their day. -Issues- Like I said, this isn't a perfect pistol but its great for a budget GBB SMG. There are a few problems to note upfront in case they might be deal breakers. For one, this thing can be gas hungry on full auto. At 1000rpm this shouldn't surprise anyone! But its worth noting that if you want to just lazily spray out whole mags this isn't the gun for you, it performs much MUCH better in bursts or semi. Also, do not attempt full auto when gas is low, like on a second magazine for the same co2 canister. This causes the bolt to only half cycle as the pressure drops, which leaves the bolt open and will vent your gas. This can be fixed by locking back the bolt to halt the gas. However at that stage the gas is likely nearly gone so enjoy what shots are left on semi and swap magazines. -Holster- This gun isn't as big as some might think. I bought a standard UTG pistol thigh holster from AirgunDepot and the TF11 fits in there snug as a bug. I threw it around, rolled, flipped it upside and shook it but it would not fall out, heck it wouldn't even budge an inch!. Also, it can fit in such a holster with a magazine loaded to boot! Nothing says "Rock and roll" like having a couple of these things on quick draw at your sides. -Accessories- There is a slight mystery to this gun. The barrel is threaded and space exists on the body for a wire stock normally found on Mac11s. Yet strangely both the stock and suppressor do not exist in the package, or anywhere for that matter. If you are a bit of a craftsman I bet you can rig up a stock and suppressor on your own, but to someone expecting them out of the box, you won't find them. Which is a shame, because a stock would be a handy addition to this little gun. -Overall- The TF11 is not a miracle gun, but its great for what it is, which is a budget GBB SMG which happens to run off of co2. I reccomend it heartily to my fellow airsofters if you wish to be free of the bonds of green gas.

5 Stars
Head turner
August 9, 2010
Lots of fun, overwelming close in firepower, intimidating sound. Everyone here wants to use it.

5 Stars
August 3, 2010
This gun seriously does shoot 1000 shots a minute. It shoots so fast it looks like it shoots 2 at a time in fully auto. I recommend shooting in bursts of like 5 shots at a time. You don't need to use the iron sights with this gun, just point and spray. Just listening to this gun shoot is intimidating and i know i wont wanna be on the other side of it. I also recommend .20 grams just for better accuracy. Only thing i don't like about this gun is that i run out of CO2 after 1 mag on fully auto and 2 mags on semi. But that's why I'm going to buy an other mag. Overall great gun to have, just fun to shoot, sidearm or primary is good.

4 Stars
July 23, 2010
the gun itself looks amazing and its so compact. But the sights are horrible... and more plastic than i thought. shoots 350 which is perfect. overall great gun and i suggest 2-3 extra magazines.

5 Stars
Gun speed
June 22, 2010
This gun is so fast and powerful at its speed making it really relaible for deadly airsoft situations in airsoft war. I bought 2 cuz i thought y not have 2 like to be awesum :)

5 Stars
June 16, 2010
I have had this gun for a while and it still works great. It is a very fast shooting gun and preforms well. The one problem I found was that it eats amo and runs out of CO2 by the end of the clip. The good thing is that it will always send your enemy running for cover.

5 Stars
this GreAt gun
June 5, 2010
love it i just got it happy!! this gun is worth wat i paid for...better than i thought :) love the blowback and the lil recoil makes it feel more realistic

5 Stars
May 13, 2010
wait oh! what a good gun! its GREAT I RECCOMEND TJIS GUN 5 STARS

Anon E. Mouse
5 Stars
Cool Gun
May 5, 2010
This gun definitely gives you bang for your buck. this gun is single action so you have to cock the gun BEFORE firing it. Pros -Stopping Power -Intimidation -Can be used as a side arm because it can fit in a holster Cons -Fires the whole clip in about 4 Seconds -Eats CO2.........For Breakfast -Hard to Load Conclusions- I would highly recommend this gun to any airsoft enthusiast interested in realism and is looking for a competant sidearm. However, one should purchase ALOT of CO2. Tip- Use .20's or the BB's it came with because with "Ultrasonics" the loader tends to jam.

5 Stars
April 25, 2010
This gun is amazing in airsoft wars! just oint and shoot and you probaly will hit your target! my best buy every out of 5 airsoftguns!

5 Stars
This Gun Is Awsome!!!!
April 23, 2010
This is the best gun I`ve ever owned, there was a little more plastic than I thought there would be, but it`s performance makes up for it. You can watch a video about it, but you have to use it in person to feel DA POWER!!!!(of it`s pure awsomenes.) It does just 2 clips before it runs out of co2 on automatic. If you shoot it on semi, it saves gas and can do about 3 clips. There's a lot you can do to upgrade it, like adding a stock. And it's RPM is crazy! It sounds like a real gun and bout just as loud! Over all great gun! BUY IT, BUY IT, BUY IT!!!!!

4 Stars
Good gun
April 23, 2010
Great gun, easily puts dents in wood and hurts pretty bad. I suggest buying 2 or 3 more magazines, extra reloading tools, and atleast a pack of 15 Co2 cartridges. RUNS OUT FAST. If you have an assault rifle, this is a perfect secondary, per se if it jams/need to reload, but in close quarters, it works good. 4/5. It's ultimately bad, but if you're outnumbered and in a trench skirmish, better be able to drop em quick and reload fast.

5 Stars
April 21, 2010
Great airsoft gun high fire rate and fps also great shipping i ordered it on monday and it is here by wendsday with ground shipping

5 Stars
March 30, 2010
This gun is great. I love it and it has a high fps. Make sure to buy lots of CO2, you wont want to put the gun down! The gun fires best in warm wether though.

5 Stars
Good Gun
March 28, 2010
I have the clear version of this gun. It's pretty good, but the safety switch broke off. Now I think the Co2 is leaking through the hole. Either that or it's cause my mom made me buy these cheap 50 cent cartriges. I got shot by my friend and it hurts pretty bad, and got a nasty welt. I've never used it in a war before cause my cheap friend loves it and won't let me use my own gun. It has a great price, so he should get his own. It unloads its magazine in about 3 seconds, so I reccomend using semi auto, or getting a new magazine. ONLY USE DAISY CO2 CARTRIGES!!! Others are okay, but if your ever at sports authority, don't get them from the orange bucket. Overall, it's a great gun. Buy it!!!!

5 Stars
March 22, 2010
Better then sniper

5 Stars
March 19, 2010
This gun is so awesome!! I waited a whole month to purchase this and it was well worth the wait. This gun is 10x cooler in person. It is good weight, nice fit in hand, and has a sick recoil. It has a place for a stock and a silencer. And if you are wondering where to get a stock, go to Dicks they should have some. This is so fun to shoot. And intimidating. There is this little punk in my neighborhood who wont shut his mouth so i decided to shut it for him, with the help of the tf11.=) He said it wouldn't hurt. oh was he in for it so i lit him up like the forth of july. He hasn't talked smack since. This gun is just plain awesome. Only bad things are small clip, ok sights, and not for long range. Well worth. What it costs it gives out 10 fold. BUY IT!!!!!!!!!NOW!!!!!!!!!

just me
5 Stars
Great Gun!
March 12, 2010
Great gun. Shoots fast and great for CQC. Good fit in the hand and very rugged. You get about 100 rounds per CO2, not too bad. Blowback is great and so is the sound. You will clear the area with this gun. Cant wait to get my second one.

5 Stars
March 6, 2010
shoots SO fast!! but is there a way to turn off the blowback?? it feels great but its just not tactically smart.

UZI guru
5 Stars
GREAT GUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
February 15, 2010
great gun and fun to use I highly recommend it for CQB. Awesome blow back.

a random ninja
5 Stars
TF 11 is Beast mode
February 8, 2010
The TF11 PROS a great gun for CQB. It has great FPS. Awesome Blowback great price very fun to shoot CONS No hop up small mag doesn't shoot very far

Revolver Rick
5 Stars
An amazing CO2 weapon!
January 28, 2010
Pros: /Great for CQC/CQB and outdoor skirmishes /Very realistic /Intimidating /Really good wieght /Very detailed /Shoots a deadly 1000RPM /Sounds very realistic when shooting it /The CO2 locks in very secure, no CO2 leak /Very durable /Great price Cons: /Fifty shots goes by really fast on full auto /Depending on how big your hand is, your hand might not be able to fit on it perfectly /There is a wierd buckle on the front that I haven't found any use for /One clip isn't enough /You need to be a skillful reloader if your skirmishing I give this gun a 9.7/10, its definitly worth your money, but be careful and quick about reloading.

5 Stars
January 18, 2010
this gun is amazing and everything they say is true about this gun

5 Stars
A BEAST!!!!!!!!!
January 11, 2010
I had this gun for about a week and I still can't find anything wrong with it, except for the fact that the gun need a bigger magazine but just get another mag. This gun is a MUST BUY!!!!!!!! Pros: Good price Fast rpm good fps for cqb gun Looks greatt Comes with 1,000 bbs just plain fun Cons: Low mag capacity Free bbs are ok quality What are you waiting for? 5/5 stars

5 Stars
December 30, 2009
ok, this gun feels great, dont use the free bb's, they jam.......

5 Stars
pretty nice!!
December 5, 2009
i have ben lookin at this gun for a wile, and i think i am goin to get it for christmas, the only thing is it needs a bigger mag!!! but i will probably just get another mag. overall a reely good gun

5 Stars
awsome gun
November 15, 2009
ok i got this gun a while ago, like 4 months. and ive used it in about 10 wars. ive gotten like 15 kills. its amazing, i have friends who dont like to get shot much :) so when i pull it out and rush them they run like little children. Pros: great look perfect fps(350) rof is amazing light small just plain cool C02 consumption is great. 4 mags on semi. 2 on full cons: not many mags are 50 rounds. i got an extra and it works fine sights suck, but you never use them plastic, very tough plastic that isnt gonna just break if u drop in the grass. overall. 10/10 suggestions: get an extra mag AND DONT LOSE THE LOADING TOOLS.

5 Stars
October 23, 2009
This gun is a must buy! It shoots faster than any other Co2 pistol I've ever seen and hurts like heck if you get shot. If you are on an airsoft team, this gun is a great advantage! BUT IT!!!

5 Stars
October 22, 2009
This gun is so SICK!. My brother just gun one and overthrew me as the guy with the best gun! It sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fast and hurts forever if you get shot. Hate my brother, love the gun.

5 Stars
TF11 review
August 28, 2009
i've been waiting for a week for this gun too ship and just got it today, it's SWEET, very powerful, decent accuracy, awesome blowback but the only bad about is that the co2 runs out really fast, i used 15 cartridiges in the first hour I got it. and, when your running low on co2, the slide will stop and you have to keep pulling it back when your shooting on full auto. also, its a little bit smaller than i excepted but, asll in all a GREAT gun! buy it now and you regret it, its pretty good!!!!

5 Stars
August 25, 2009
This is the best uzi you can get for your money. It shoots 380 fps and is VERY uses alot of co2 so buy alot. it shoots very fast(16 bbs a second) it will pown anyone in an airsoft war.BUY IT.

5 Stars
August 20, 2009
i just got it today and it is a VERY fun. great semi auto and thats what i recommend using in an airsoft war, not auto. the reason is simply the mag is way to small. so basically think of it as a regular co2 pistol with a large magazine and a fully auto option if you ever need it! ORDER THIS GUN NOW! great price, and it makes an incredible sidearm weapon none the less a good primary as well!

5 Stars
beast from the the middle east
August 9, 2009
its awsome i love it

5 Stars
Best Gun
August 8, 2009
THis is the best gun ive ever had...everyone hate when I use this for a airsoft fight becuase I kick ass.

5 Stars
August 6, 2009
very fast shooting, a blast to shoot

5 Stars
August 6, 2009
greatest gun ive shot, good power and big copacity. also fast firing rate and good blowback

5 Stars
TF 11
August 3, 2009
the tf11 is great. it has a hi rate of fire and a lot O power. GREAT GUN!!!!

5 Stars
fast and expensive
July 12, 2009
i dont have gun but if you watch the video this gun is fully automatic and uses CO2 and it has blowback so the CO2 eats one per 50 rounds because the bolw back uses a little part of the gas to do the blow back action so that make the gun some expensive is best a green gas gun because you can use a propane adapter

5 Stars
great gun
June 26, 2009
my friend got 1 of these and almost immediatly kicked every1s butt however dont use at long distances

5 Stars
the best
May 31, 2009
This gun will not let you down.One of the best that iv bought here so BUY it now

3 Stars
Good but bad
March 23, 2009
This gun was amazing at first high rate of fire, high fps what else could you ask for but after about three days the slide slipped out of position, then the slide would slide forward all of the way i was pissed but it was good will it lasted if you are just beginning then it is good Pros * high fps * high ROF * large mag for gas gun * hurts so f*****g bad cons * low grade plastic * wastes so much co2 * slide breaks easily * loose mag

5 Stars
March 9, 2009
THis is a great gun fires many rounds, only problem is that the maag is a little small, but other than that it is great value gun, dont buy one of those $200 guns that fall apart buy this gun GREAT!

5 Stars
Terrific Deal!
March 6, 2009
This gun is just ridiculously fun, especially on full auto. You will go through many, many Co2 cartridges but that's primarily because firing on full auto is just plain addictive. Surprisingly well-made and accurate on semi-auto. Loading the magazine is awkward - I would suggest spares. This gun is a hoot and a screamingly good deal on sale!

Mike dike
5 Stars
March 4, 2009
This gun is sweet and it's not as acurate so I would like but very powerful. I have a one acre yard and I shot my little bro have the yard away and started bawling like heck.( he's 8 years old). It runs out of ammo realy fast though,and co2....but you have to by this gun it's great for it's price!?!?!?it is a must buy!!!!

Scotty Potty
4 Stars
Early Goodness
February 21, 2009
My friend had one and it gave me like a million welts. I loved it so i ordered it. i've had it three days and it was wasn't very good at all. My friend said it would suck for the first couple days, but I don't know. Sometimes it works, sometimes the Co2 sort of leaks out and it doesn't work.

5 Stars
December 25, 2008
i got this for christmas and it is honestly the best one out of the 7 i have had two of the 7 were premium grade airsofts but this one tops them! i couldnt ask for more than a bigger mag this gun rocks!!!!!

4 Stars
i loved this gun
December 25, 2008
i loved this gun unfortunately one day something came loose inside the gun that looked like a bullet shaped gasket otherwise i loved the gun needs a waaaaay bigger mag though

5 Stars
November 5, 2008
my whole airsoft group loves this amazing work of art. this gun shoots FAST, i tried to out run the bullet and i couldn't! this amazed me because i run the 40 yard dash in like 56 seconds! highly recomended!

5 Stars
August 10, 2008
I bought this gun for my son and he absoutely loves it! It fires great and is very sturdy!! The only thing is it does run out of ammo fast! Buy lots of BB's and lots of CO2 because it does use a cartridge for every mag! The mag could definitely hold more BB's... Great gun..Buy it!

A different Nick
5 Stars
best Co2 gun ever
August 9, 2008
I'm just a kid but my friend and I have been playing airsoft for about 2 years so we know a good gun when we see one. This is probably the best Co2 gun your going to find. My only concern is that it does not come with a stock. A MUST BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 Stars
Holy SH!T
July 18, 2008
this gun waz the most fun i have every had my friend and i went through 2,000 bbs and a hell of a lot of c02 but had the best time with it buy this gun u wont regret it. i am also a huge call of duty 4 miny uzi fan so i just had 2 get this gun lolz

4 Stars
Needs Bigger Magazine
July 15, 2008
Great gun, almost perect. 1000 RPM, 350 FPS, Full and Semi-Auto, what else do you need? Only thing is that you need to reload it every 10 seconds. Need to make a bigger mag and if they dont then I Strongly suggest buying another mag.

5 Stars
July 14, 2008
This gun is so fun that ive had it for three days and I cant get enough of it, Ive already used 35 Co2 cartridges and lyke 3000 bbs buy two lyke I did!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 Stars
Akward Configuration
June 17, 2008
This gun is powerful, accurate, and very affordable, but it's components are not comfortable. For instance, the safety is in the trigger guard, above the trigger itself and is a bit to large, also the magazine release is oddly placed on the bottom outside pistol grip. It's an exellent pistol for the price, but it takes two hands to handle it to its full potential.

Cadet Gunnery Sergeant
5 Stars
June 11, 2008
I dont have the gun YET but im working on it. And i seen the photo of the wound. That was sick.

Sergio Garcia
5 Stars
best Uzi out there
May 30, 2008
Man this is the best Uzi out there. I was airsofting with my friend and he was just running around screaming and trying to dodge my shot.If ur goin tu buy an Uzi buy this one!!!!!!!!!!

5 Stars
Best gun ever!
May 3, 2008
I got this gun after i saw a video of it on YouTube. If it wasn't for this video, I wouldn't have had this gun!

4 Stars
April 8, 2008
This gun was an amazing gun... I must have shot at least 6000 rounds through it till something came lose in the gun... I opened it up there was a metal washer in the back that looks like it held a metal bullet cased shape thing in place and it is destroyed lol now everytime you try to fire the gun the back inside the gun comes lose and it fails to fire... was an awesome gun though... great power and stings like a mother when you get shot

5 Stars
the best
April 6, 2008
this itim is one of the best

5 Stars
April 3, 2008
this gun is awsome. I had an airsoft war with a friend who has this gun i got welts the size of a penny through a jacket and a shirt. there was 8 people there we had to go 7 vs 1 and he still won the war.

5 Stars
A Great Quality Gun
March 24, 2008
The Tactical force tf-11 in my opinion is better than the tokyo mauri green gas uzi. This gun is medium sixed, not to heavy but realisticly weighted, with realistic blowback and recoil. Its a great gun, but wastes about 1 co2 cartrige per 1 1/2 to 2 clips. on full auto the ammo and co2 run out qiuck. Enjoy

4 Stars
great awesome gun
March 21, 2008
really good gun it is super fast on full auto great gun worth more

4 Stars
Great Airsoft Gun- Reccomended
March 17, 2008
This is a great overall gun. Although, it wastes about a clip 1/2 to 2 clips on one Co2 cartridge. It has a 50 round clip cap., which goes by fast on full auto. Not the most accurate but from 60 feet or so, yo can hit your mark. The blow back and recoil is realistic to that of a real gun. If your into airsoft, and want the advantage in a war, buy this.

5 Stars
This gun is awesome
March 1, 2008
This gun is awesome... I love everything about it. It hits very hard it stung when i was was even wearing my hoodie... I also sawed a can in two with it with one clip... I shot my friend with a five round burst as well... This thing left huge welts on my friend... He wasn't wearing a shirt... here is a picture: One grazed his arm the other nailed it Great gun but I used 15 co2 cartridges in the first night I had it... and used a ton of bbs... Would recommend to friends

4 Stars
February 11, 2008
this gun is great but it only gets about 150 rounds per mag. but other than that its a cool gun.Also it could use a bigger mag.

5 Stars
Rock and Roll
January 23, 2008
Amazing!!! So cool, I bought two!!! Test subject reports "that thing hurts like hell, DON'T DO IT AGAINā!!! This is my first "airsoft" experience, if they last ... buy a pair and pray they make a larger Magazine!!!!

Rick Shearer
5 Stars
TF11 Rocks!
January 14, 2008
At the current $65 price, these are a steal! Blowback is great & sound almost sounds like a suppressed weapon. Although they're mostly plastic, fit & finish are excellent, even if construction might not allow really rough use. Accuracy is typical of .12mm full autos, but at 1000 rpm, what do you want? These have a fun factor of 10 out of 10. For the price, you can't beat them, especially for a full auto.

5 Stars
Tactical Force TF 11 Fun gun
January 10, 2008
I am very satisfied with everything to do with my experience with airgundepot, I will be back, shopping was easy, shipping was quick. As for the TF 11, it is alot of fun, not as accurate as I'd like , but at 1,000 per minute, the only disappointing thing about it is having to reload it every 3 seconds.

4 Stars
Nice Gun
December 28, 2007
Fast and easy! Great for BB gun wars. You won't be disappointed when you get this!

4 Stars
better than the air mag m50
December 19, 2007
This gun is great! It's fast, the co2 lasts about 2-3 clips(unless you use full-aut too much), and the design is realistic. This gun is similar to the air mag m50, only better. It comes with full and semi auto which the airmag doesn't and has a little hole on the back for pretty accurate shots. Only thing bad is that you can't change the hop up and the mac-11 stock isn't there.

4 Stars
great co2 gun
November 24, 2007
great gun, wicked fast rate of fire, only thing bad is u cant change the hop up =(, will want to buy another mag tho, it will eat up 50 rounds in about a second or 2

3 Stars
magazine and co2
November 30, -0001
the gun is very fun to shoot. the gun itself is very durable, but the magazine breakes easy. after only 2 weeks of owning it the co2 started leaking. it uses up the co2 withing 2 full loads and is a pain to reload in the middle of a battle. i would only recomend this gun for practice

5 Stars
Tactical Force TF11
November 30, -0001
This is the best airsoft gun I ever bought! i dominated in a war with me using this gun and my friend who had a single shot gun, we were facing two other people that were using the crosman pulse r72 and a thompson m1a1, everybody but the one person on my team had a full auto gun, and all of are guns shoot 350 fps. And we still had them ducking for cover1 pros: great rpm(rounds per minute), good fps(feet per second), range is good, co2 lasts about 4 and a half mags, so about 250 shots(which is a lot for a gas blow back machine pistol), very durable. cons: none overall a great gun, a must buy!

5 Stars
TH 11
November 30, -0001
I got the gun and was very very happy with it. Best 70 or 80 dollars you can spend on a back up gun. Pros - Super high rate of fire - Rang is good, not great but good - light weight - comes with cool loader to load it fast Con - Eats 12G C02 really fast. If kepted on full auto (witch is only way to go) eats about 1 12g a clip if you are good you can get 1 and half clips out of one.

5 Stars
Tactical Force TF11 CO2
November 30, -0001
My son loves this! He uses it as a back up and it fits in his crossdraw holster on his vest without the magazine in! When needed, it only takes him a second to draw and load and then he unleashes with it! Very intimidating sound and rate of fire!

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