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By Jim D.
looks like I want this astyle easier to load than single shot
June 6, 2019
Specs say can shoot pellets or BB, is this wrong?
By Travis
Coleman, MI
Amazing for the price
May 8, 2019
When I say amazing for the price I don’t mean it’s not very good but cheap no I mean it’s an amazing gun and it’s pretty cheap in my opinion it’s a win win it has some power looks sweat when your holding it has a nice weight seen very strong sturdy highly recommended
ProsLooks good shoots good feels good what more could you ask for
By Michael C.
Awesome pistol
April 25, 2019
Very nice BB gun has extra discs for pellets and BBs it's heavy has a nice holster and extra carrying pocket for a disc and an extra CO2 cartridge very happy thanks airgun Depot I appreciate you, Big Mike
ProsLots of prose has a nice safety nice Trigger action heavy so it's not light feels nice in my hand and it's easy to load easy to handle easy to shoot and it's powerful.
ConsI wish the holster had a place for like three or four cartridges and then a little clip thing for the extra discs for your ammo .
Best UsesTarget practice pop and unwanted varmints shooting cans having fun releasing stress.
By William J.
Hudson Valley N.Y.
Dual ammo type a plus
August 27, 2018
Well made, and have bought other Crosman air guns before. I am satisfied with their products.
ProsLook and feel of a real hand gun
ConsChintzy plastic hand grips
Best UsesTarget shooting
By Paul
Cary, Illinois
Nice item.
July 24, 2018
Perfect for plunking, target practice, varmint shooting and practicing grip and aiming for a "real" gun.
By Richard
Stewartstown Pa.
June 4, 2018
I'm using Daisy pellets and using a target 60 feet away, I hit it twice out of 20 shots. They seem to go all over. I guess using a clip to hold the pellets and a smooth bore just doesn't make for accuracy.
ConsNo accuracy
Best UsesFast in close shooting.
By Gary M.
What a pistol!
May 30, 2018
Weight and feel are awesome. Very little adjusting of sights was needed. It was almost perfect out of the box. I liked it so much, I ordered another one for my step son. I hope he likes it as much as I do.
ProsFeel and accuracy.
ConsNone yet
Best UsesRats. It is a rat killing SOB. Never had so many trophies. My neighbors won't clean up their sh_t, so I figured I would go into the exterminating business.
By Warren H.
Williamsburg, VA
Great value
April 24, 2018
I like that it has adjustable sights for windage and elevation the rifle barrel makes it for a highly accurate shooting feels good in your hand
ProsAdjustable sight for windage and elevation rifled barrel good ammo feeding systems
Best UsesGood for small game like squirrels and chipmunks
By Ronald J.
Riverhead , NY
Great Gun for the price
April 18, 2018
This gun is realistic. Shoots well and fast. Plenty of power and shots with 12g CO2 cartridge
ProsShoots well and looks realistic.
ConsA little difficult to load. Suggest buying extra 10 round circular clips.
Best UsesGreat for back yard target practice.
By Maurice
Summerfield, FL
Great pistol
March 28, 2018
I have just received my Vigilante Combo and I am well pleased. I have shot 120 rounds so far and grouped 2" groups 8 out of every ten right out of the box. This may not be true with every gun but reviews are largely experience based. If the shooter is well trained they will do better. Some reviewers are obviously not shooting correctly. I give this gun 5 stars!
ProsEasy to load, easy to shoot. CO2 cartridges last a good 60 to 80 shots.
ConsHaven't found any yet.
Best UsesThis gun is great for target shooting at 25' to 30'. Not for hunting.
By Jose f.
Fort Walton beach..fl
One nice practice air gun
January 18, 2018
For the price..Grossman did a great job on the air hand and son can practice for about 10.00 each per hour..and we shoot alot!!!!
ProsExcellent gun
By Gabriel
Revolver,For me it's the best!!!
January 11, 2018
For the fan of Revolver (like me).I recommand it.Because it have a good price for a BB Gun like this...And its fun to think you are Lucky Luke in the desert,?
ProsVery good for fun and practice
ConsThe plastic grip...I know,you have to remove the plastic grip for the CO2 gaz capsule,but for me,it is just incormfortable...
By Dan K.
Vigilante pistol
December 5, 2017
I like this model, but it is not as good as the old sr357.
By Dan
Not bad for the dollars
November 14, 2017
I recently bought the CO2 pistol. Had it about 3 weeks. I really do like its feel, shoots very well accuracy is not very good probably me.
ProsThe weight, it just feels good in your hand. The magazine feed works pretty good I have noticed it missing a pellet occasionally. Not sure if I’m doing something that causes that. I don’t know what I could be doing. After about 3 canisters of gas I noticed a lot of blowout at a gap between the mag and barrel and at the air port and mag. The barrel is just pushed inside the plastic sheath it is metal might Evan be steel. But the problem is it’s about 1/16 of an inch to short. The mag fits very loose. With this slope there is always the gap. What I did was remove the barrel and wrap electrical tape around the end about two wraps. There is a machined step on the far end ( about a 1/4” ) I only wrapped that and reinserted the barrel that was all I needed. This kept it going all the way to the stop. Gap closed and power improved.
ConsImprove the the little things like the barrel length or the space where the mag goes. The fact is that space is so much bigger than the mag is wide.
By killer09
chicago illinoise
November 7, 2017
i love this gun it shoots squrrils out of my tree even thogh i have 7000 acres and a 300 acre pond
By Cheng
Outstanding value
October 31, 2017
I've owned several of these (still have two) and agree with most of the reviewers about value. There are certainly a few downsides compared to other, more expensive air guns but modifying/improving those features would drive up the price. I own higher priced CO2 revolvers (five times or more the cost) with features that matter to me for use as adult trainers for beginner firearms instruction. But when it comes to the basics of launching a pellet accurately downrange with adequate velocity, this Crosman is unsurpassed. For me this is a pellet gun only. Steel BB use in a rifled barrel has the potential to eventually damage the rifling. Soft lead pellets will ricochet from many surfaces but they deform and shed velocity much more quickly than BBs that bounce around like a pin ball machine. Eye protection is essential with either. Reviewers report different things about the number of shots per CO2 cartridge. Truth is this number varies with many factors including ambient temperature (fewer shots outside in cold weather), the rapidity of firing (rapid fire reduces the number when compared to waiting a couple of seconds between shots), individual gun condition, etc.
ProsLooks like a real firearm: similarities in appearance and operation make it appealing and useful (see "Cons"). Adjustable sights the equal of guns many times the price. Single and double action trigger offers different types of shooting. Rifled barrel is rare in this price range. CO2 cartridge is secured via a screw with an articulated half-moon piece which folds out of sight. Use fingers only to tighten. However the change of temperature caused by the CO2 may create a situation where pliers might be needed to loosen. So have pliers available but NEVER use to tighten.
ConsLooks like a real firearm: this cannot be overemphasized. The gun is hugely popular in various youth shooting programs; the kids and parents must be aware of the inherent danger of any air gun being mistaken for a firearm. Plastic grips easily removable for CO2 swaps are weak, always feel a bit loose (a rubber band can help without making swap-outs significantly harder). I've yet to break a grip panel but you need to be careful. Once a few pellets are fired the rotary magazine becomes unbalanced. The action is sufficient to keep the magazine indexed when continuing to shoot in an uninterrupted sequence. However, operating the trigger or hammer with less than a full stroke may release the magazine and allow gravity to drag the loaded chambers to the bottom, bringing empty chambers back to the top in line with the barrel. This a minor annoyance that causes kids (and others) to waste CO2 on those empty chambers. It can be helped by putting a visible mark on the outside of the magazine. Loading pellets requires contact with toxic lead. Everyone should wash hands after a shooting sessions and before eating. Pellets must be kept away from infants and toddlers.
By joe
alot of fun
October 30, 2017
this is a fun gun to shoot all day.
Proseasy to load and shoot an is very accurate.Great price.
By mariano
New york
Very good product for it price
August 11, 2017
Exelent at 10 yards very good at 20 First 4 shoot can hurt a human school it s not toy like it very much
ProsFast in double action
ConsSome magazines are weak
By Rosario
Mokena, IL
Love this pistol
July 5, 2017
This is a great combo. a great gun the holster is nice. Shoots tight and is accurate. love this gun lots of fun.
By Cameron B.
Cincinnati, Ohio
Ok gun
February 15, 2017
Literally not about the gun itself but if you do plan on buying an item from this company, do not try and choose a faster delivery method, I paid 34.50!! For 3 day shipping and it has yet to get here, no winter storm or any natural disaster in my area, (OH, US) four day shipping, three day shipping, two day, overnight it doesn't matter, you will get it when they decide. All it does it adds on an extra 30.00$+ to your order. Just a warning to my fellow consumer, choose the regular shipping, it will take just as long to arrive as any other option you choose and it will only be 7.99 :-)
ProsStill haven't received my gun, so no comment.
By Tone
North Carolina
Nice piece for the price!
January 25, 2017
I got mine about 2 weeks ago, and eve since then, I take it out back with me when I'm plinking around. I like the package it came with, a holster, 500 pellets, and 3 extra pellet cartridges. Allows for lots of fun. The gun grouped pretty well right out of the box-2 1/2" groups at about 30 feet.
Pros Great value for the price. Fun to shoot. Looks good, shoots well.
By Mike
Springfield, MA
fun inside short range size air pistol
January 10, 2017
arrived from airgun depot in new condition. Operates as expected, easy fun to use air pistol.
By Tony
Buena Park, CA
Nice, About 30-40 rounds before co2 falls off. Great buy!
November 21, 2016
Got it to have some fun. Get extra mags, so much fun to shoot off 40 rounds in about 1.5 minutes.
ProsGreat buy or gift.
By dude
air gun
November 15, 2016
nice air gun it has a simplistic design that makes it easy to use and handle, the push button drop barrel makes it quick to reload which is nice. Semi automatic is quick as fast as you can pull the trigger. The safety feature and gun holster make this a great training exercise for family who are uncomfortable around guns. The sound level is about low to medium. I use it for target practice with the kids mainly. I bought a small laser site for the lower dove tail on the barrel to help the kids (15 & 18 yr old) keep an idea of where they are shooting. It works well except you can really see how much gun movement there is when you squeeze the trigger. For a grown man its even a bit of a trick. so I would have to say trigger is a bit heavy definitely not a hair trigger. works great I would recommend purchase to others.
Prossimple design, easy use, fast reload, low noise level. power level was modest ( not to strong but definitely not weak)
Consheavy trigger makes it hard to stay on bulls eye of target and difficult to shoot for weaker hands. Co2 cartridge in the handle was ok but removal of plastic handle grips to get there was kinda jenky and loose fitting. not real sure about that design.
By Philip
Portsmouth, VA
This pistol is outstanding!
October 29, 2016
After all my research this was the one I purchased this being my first ever airgun at age 63, it's the one to buy.
ProsGreat handling and shooting.
By mike
, marshfield, ma
Shoots fast
October 27, 2016
I've been adjusting site for elevation. Seems to shoot low after 30-40 shots. 3-4" below target at 40'. Seems accurate.
ConsHandle loose because covers need to be removed to insert air cylinder-otherwise very nice
By Mike
Melrose Park, IL.
Really Nice
August 18, 2016
Right out of the box this pistol was easy to use and accurate as could be. The adjustable sights were easy to aim with and overall this thing is a Minimum of 4 stars. It has plenty of power and I tend to get at least 5 full mags out of each co2 (50 shots). Easier co2 install would be nice. Holster is a nice add but more for storage than carry. Gun gets caught easy in take-away and the belt loop is more for tact gear than a belt.
ProsAccurate- Nice balance- good power-great looking
ConsHandle has to be taken apart for co2 loading and seems like only a matter of time before the plastic breaks.
By Rob
Madison, Alabama
Great price on the combo deal
August 8, 2016
Been having lots of fun with this item. Very few wild shots. The extra 3 cylinders allow you to load up 40 shots. Nice holster.
By John
Ben Lomond, CA
Still going strong after forty years
July 28, 2016
This is a great gun for somebody that has already learned their basic marksmanship skills and wants to have fun plinking, and target shooting. I wouldn't recommend a pistol for anybody who is just learning to hit a target/shoot. When my Vigilante arrived from AirGun Depot I was very pleased. I loaded the pistol with CO2 and pellets, set up some targets in the portable backstop, and went to town sighting it in. Once I had the gun sighted in, I went to town plinking the 2.5 inch diameter cat food cans, and kept them dancing around. I'm looking forward to many hours of fun with this gun. My grandpa gave me a bb rifle sixty years ago, when I was a kid, and I learned to shoot accurately by the time I was eight years old. As an adult twenty years later, I used to shoot .22LR rimfires outdoors, but I had a Crosman .357 replica for indoor target practice before I went overseas in1981. When I came across the Vigilante model last month it was a blast from the past and I had to buy one.
ProsGreat entry level pistol for beginners. Reasonably priced, Ammo (bb's & lead pellets) isn't expensive Shoots accurately, Lots of great videos/reviews/mods on YouTube
ConsCO2 cartridges can be costly unless you shop in volume.
By Johnning B.
Hebron, IL
great airgun!
July 4, 2016
This airgun is fun to shoot. With the extra mags it makes it longer between stopping to load the mags.
ProsIt's a great airgun And it is fun to shoot.
ConsIf this package was not on sale, it would be cheaper to buy it at Walmarts. Your shipping & handling charges are way, way too much!
By John
Ithaca, NY
Crossman versus Colt polymer
June 30, 2016
For a much more satisfying experience buy the Colt Python polymer. Same price, Colt/Umarex quality. They stepped back from their top of the line offerings to give the rest of us Crossman types something to salivate over. Both shoot well, I'm just talking about satisfaction.
ProsYou get a lot for you fifty bucks
ConsIt's a Crossman not a Colt
By Rach
Pittsburgh, PA
Great gun!
June 6, 2016
I should preface this with the statement that this was my first Co2 pistol. It's pretty accurate. Very fun for plinking. My hand strength is obviously not very good as it is hard to pull the trigger trigger the dual action.
ProsAccurate Can pull back hammer and makes it easier to aim and shoot for younger people or people with small hands
ConsBlunt bullets shot with this won't pierce glass May be heavy for some
By Uriel
Compton, CA
Good handgun for the price
May 28, 2016
This is one of the best handguns I have owned and would recommend it to friend and family.
Prosextra clips, accurate at 8-10 yards
Conslouder then expected
By charles
Seymour, Tennessee
So much fun for so little $$$
May 22, 2016
You can't beat the price for such an accurate, affordable 357 knockoff. This is a blast...pun intended. ha,ha... I take it with me to the barn, and have dispatched a few mice. I was more worried about copperheads. Love having the extra magazines. I load them up when I'm watching tv at night, and good to go next day. Do get pel gun oil. Helps. Hope you get one. You won't be sorry.
ProsAdjustable rear sight, smooth trigger, whether single, or double action. I could gush on this gun for days. You just can't go wrong...Get one.
ConsThe holster is nice for protecting the gun, but tends to dip backwards, and feel awkward. Still not a deal breaker.
By Everett
Bandera, texas
Quality for a bargain
March 4, 2016
Purchase two years ago. Excellent shooting action and accuracy, especially with pellets.
ProsWeight, accuracy and quality for price.
ConsShort life on CO cartridge.
By Tod
Excelsior Springs, MO
Lot of Air Gun for the money.
February 1, 2016
First of all I have to say that I think Airgundepot,com is the most informative and easiest air gun websites to deal with. I ordered this Crosman Vigilante combo and it arrived three days later. First out of the box I loaded the CO2 and then loaded the pellet clips. and I will tell you that this gun is pretty powerful and not half bad on accuracy. I had to trim the sites in a little, but that is to be expected. Have shot about 100 rounds through is and still have serious amount of CO2 pressure left, just love the look and feel of the gun.
ProsGreat value for the money. Gun has a great feel to it. Pretty powerful for a lower cost air pistol.
ConsNone to speak of.
By Guillermo
January 14, 2016
By Daniel
Stone Mountain, Georgia
vigilante combo
October 13, 2015
I love the feel of this airgun. It reminds me of a similar airgun I had as a kid. It brings back good memories. Well made.
By Tim
Des Moines, IA
Accurate as H*LL
September 23, 2015
I have been shooting since I was 7, Dad had a pistol range in the basement where we used Crosman air pistols. I spent 7 years in the Army as a Special Weapons Specialist and shot Expert with M16A1. I own a 1914 Stevens Arms Crack Shot, Browning 1911 Hi-Power 9MM, Rugar Mark I .22 Long, Howa bolt .223 w/heavy floating barrel, Marlin .117 bolt and a Bushmaster M4 .223/5.56 which I try to get to the range and practice with when I can, but owning 2 business makes it difficult to find the time. Now at 61 with my own range, I am getting back into air guns. I set up a range in my garage, well actually one garage behind the other. It gives me 35 ft. to practice right outside my back door. No more wasting 2 hours running to a range and back. No more putting up with unsafe newbies at the public ranges.
ProsThis pistol is amazing for the price. I spent $50 for pistol. What a buy. It is accurate and fun as can be. Only took about 5 minutes and 10 pellets to adjust sites. Feels like the real thing, a bit lighter and no kick. It will punch a pellet thru 1/4" ply. I get about 45 pellets from one CO2 cylinder. My target has a very thick blanket behind target making shooting very quite. This pistol sounds like an air nail gun. With the revolving 10 round mag, I can practice rapid firing, something the local ranges won't allow. I can also practice drawing, another thing the ranges won't allow. I can train my grandsons (10 & 12) on gun safety, something else that is not allowed in Iowa until they are much older. So far I have shot about 350 pellets thru it (in a week). No problems what so ever. Will miss fire when the CO2 runs too low, but I have gotten at least 45 good shots per cylinder. Had an ex. Army buddy over the other night, and we both had a blast on the range with this sweety. Think he will be picking up a Vigilante very soon. He could not believe the price and performance.
ConsAt this point in time, I can not think of a single con.
By richard
arley, al
September 7, 2015
I HAD a problem with raccoons stealing my outdoor cats food.
ProsUsed the same co2 cartridge for over a week, NO LEAKS!!
By greg
kitchener, ontario
August 22, 2015
I bought my first air pistol the summer I could legally purchase one and at that time it was the Crosman 357-6 which I adored and also bought the additional 8" rifled steel barrel...I was young and poor and in my mid-20's I sold it for grocery money :( This past summer I began looking on buy&sell sites for the 357-6 and last week I sawthe 357-gw kit with the 4" & 8" barrels, a red dot sight & mounts some pellets and 4 revolver clips all contained in a reasonable gun case for $100. This 357 by Crosman is as great an airgun as the 357 of my youth and i preferred the barrels for this 357 over the new Vigilante barrel design.
ProsFits like a glove. Realistic revolver action. Shoots fairly hard and very accurate with the 8" barrel.
ConsThis, like most semi automatic pistols is a co2 hog, however, you do get more than 50 shots out of one co2 powerlet, but when I have 7 clips preloaded I can use up a co2 in a matter of minutes while enjoying some action shooting/plinking.
By Beth
Great Air Gun
August 20, 2015
I got everything I they said I would in good time and in good shape. Packaged very well. There were extra mags as promised which are awesome. The holster is made in China, still decent though. I bought 5 Crosman CO2 Cartridges and 500 Daisy .177 Lead Pellets along with the gun and they worked great. I prefer the pellets over BBs, though you have a mag for BBs as well with it. This was my first air gun, so it was a great starter gun but also just plain nice in general. I have had it for a few weeks and I can see it lasting for a good while.
ProsFairly accurate. About 70 shots to a Cartridge. Looks great. Solid. Heavy. Metal trigger and hammer. Free holster (can fit an extra cartridge or ammo in the side) and extra mags. Hits fairly hard, going through cardboard boxes and hard plastics at 10 yards. Double and Single Action. Rifled Barrel. Overall good quality.
Cons11 inches so it is definitely a massive pistol (may prefer a smaller gun if you have small hands). Handle is plastic and slightly loose. Wish the grip was sturdier.
By Glenn
Walnut Creek, CA
My grandsons love it!
July 30, 2015
We ordered extra clips and have seven 10 round pellet clips; great for sighting in different pellets or going rapid fire on the spinner targets. The CO2 has generally been lasting for about 60-70 rounds, although the last few rounds may be minimal power. We've got four of the 6 round BB clips, which we sometimes use for the last few shots; OK for plinking.
ProsEven though the clip revolves, but not the cylinder, the action is very realistic, and the front post/rear blade sights are similar to my S&W mod-586 L-Frame. Comes with a nice little holster.
ConsThe pellet clips may not accept the longer PolyMatch-type pellets.
By Eric
Albany ny
first pistol
July 16, 2015
My first pistol ever. I agree with other users about the nice weight and feel in your hand. I also agree that the handles do move around just a bit which cuts down on the quality feel. I like the longer barrel and double action. I didn't think the trigger was a heavy pull and was able to fire off multiple rapid shots. Nice to have 10 pellet clips for repeater shooting. I've shot maybe 300 pellets through it so far and hasn't missed a beat. Price is right. I started out with a 40 ft range but then cut it down to just over 20 and my accuracy improved. I believe it is an excellent deal for a backyard plinker.
ProsI believe the PISTOL is pretty's me that needs the practice. Left the sights as they were out of the box and it hits what i'm aiming at. Not too loud for the back yard...the pellet hitting target is just as loud. Quality at a bargain price
Consthe grip seems to float a bit i got the kit but also purchased 3 additional pellet clips. Thank goodness because the kit came with 3 BB clips. that was a disappointment as for some reason I thought I was getting 3 pellet clips.
By Bob
Cleveland, Ohio
Great Gun
July 16, 2015
Perfect right out of the box. Easy to use. Very strong and accurate.
ProsLightweight. Accurate. Easy to load and use.
ConsThe free extra clips were all for the BB's. Could have included at least one for the pellets.
By James
July 11, 2015
Sweet gun. recuired no sighting in. very good price. a bit heavyer than I thought. shoot it daily
By grp
mysore, karnataka, India
Very Good
July 9, 2015
Just got one last week. Handles excellently. All shots(pellets) were within the outer ring at 10 meter target in the Range.
ProsGood weight and balance. True to the target.
ConsThe grips could be rubber for a better and solid grip. Triggering mechanism a little hard.
By john
indianapolis, indiana
crosman vigilante
July 7, 2015
great buy. best pistol under $80
Pros60 good shots per co2, decent build quality, super fun.
Consplastic handle... other than that none!!!
By Ray
Concord Township, OH
#1 Rated for a reason ...
June 29, 2015
I bought th package with extra clips and holster for $10 less than it sells for at Walmart for the pistol only. What a deal. I've used it twice and am really impressed. Great way (and cheap) to practice ... and this gun is fun to shoot. I got about 50 shots out of each Co2 ... not bad at all. If' you are looking for a nice Co2 pellet pistol, you won't be disappointed with this one ! I'm so impressed with this Crosman product, I'm planning on getting the 2240 in the near future.
ProsLooks, feel, performance. 10 shot rotary clip ... double action, rails on top and bottom of the barrel to add, scope, accessories. Adjustable rear site. Really a great price for a product of this quality.
By Billy
Nice air pistol
June 26, 2015
Just as described, nice powerful CO2 pistol. Very well made, feels like a real pistol.
ProsPowerful, has extra chambers for pellets
Consonly holds 6 BBs, only has one chamber for BBs
By Ron
Union, Missouri
Fast delivery, but.....
June 22, 2015
I recently ordered the Crosman Vigilante and received it within 3 days, great delivery service.
ConsThe Crosman Vigilante I received has an extremely hard trigger pull. I called Crosman's tech department and was informed there are no adjustments to soften the pull.
By Marc
Great for the price
June 21, 2015
First, Let Me Say This Is The first pellet gun I've had since I was a kid a very long time ago, so I have nothing to compare this with. Considering the price, I am very happy. I bought this to hunt the great Suburban Chipmunk. Accuracy is excellent up to the 30' I've tried this with. I've used 3 different pellets and they all shoot the same. Sighting was easy, trigger pull is very predictable. Loose plastic grips are not a problem at all. I only find 2 faults. First is the rotary magazine doesn't lock in place so it's easy to skip a round. Last, and I guess this is the nature of co2, but as the co2 goes down, which is rapidly, the aim point has to be continuaslly adjusted.
ProsAccurate, inexpensive, reliable. Great for plinking and target shooting.
ConsMagazine is a bit weak, it moves to easily so skips a round once in a while. Not enough power for hunting.
By Gibran
Davis, CA
Powerful gun for cheap
May 20, 2015
Wanted to buy a cheap powerful gun and saw this.
ProsPowerful, has a good weight to it. Cheap.
ConsVery cheap plastic grips that move around very easily.
By Brian
May 10, 2015
Excellent gun for the price would pay twice that, for this gun. If you're looking for an inexpensive gun to plink with or train with you can't beat this gun.
ProsGreat feel in your hands, shoots very well with pellets or BB's.
ConsWish they would have put metal on the closing latch pad not sure how long the plastic will last.
By Kendj1
Crossman Vigilante 357
May 7, 2015
I bought this for shooting cans in the back yard with my grandsons and it is pretty accurate. the boys liked the fact they could fire ten shots before reloading, I would say its a fun gun.
By Ron
Rosedale, Maryland
Great Gun!!
May 6, 2015
I just got my Crosman Vigilante and it's a great addition to my collection. I love the fact that I can shot BBs or pellets. It's accuracy is great and I scored very high when I used it this past weekend it a target shooting contest. Like I said, GREAT GUN!
ProsLoading is easy. The weight is just right. The accuracy when shooting is terrific.
ConsThe only con - the plastic grib covers.
By Phillip
Nice pistol for this price point
April 11, 2015
I've had this gun for several months and have been very happy with it. Fairly accurate and well balanced. Easy to load and shoot.
ProsLight weight Good looks Easy to load Accurate
By Bill
Wauconda, IL
I give it two thumbs up, plus some.
April 4, 2015
Just found out that I received points for writing a review. Purchased this item on 3/2013 and have had great luck with it. At first I wished it was more accurate. But then I decided to bite the bullet, or pellet if you wish. And ordered up $120.00 worth of different pellets. Just to see if that made a difference, like everyone suggests. Well, it sure did. This gun will now tear up the bulls eye on a 15’ target at 15’ and 20’ and 25’. Go Figure, from 2-1/2” + groups to 1” groups with a two handed grip. The winning pellet, RWS R-10 Match. That’s it, two years old and three thousand plus pellets later it’s still going strong. I give it two thumbs up, plus some.
ProsAll of the above
ConsNone, a great starter pistol at a great price.
By Jim
Wheatfield, NY
A great deal and a lot of fun
March 19, 2015
This is a fun pistol to shoot. Crosman pointed pellets make this an accurate close range shooter. Buy extra clips.
ProsI get on average about 90 shots per CO2 cartridge. Easy to load, accurate with the right pellet.
ConsPlastic grips give it a cheap feel.
By Art
Boston, Ma.
Nice Gun
March 15, 2015
I've used this gun a few times in my yard and love it. It's powerful and accurate. I'm really impressed with the quick change disks for the pellets + bb's. Just press the button, open, switch, close and fire. I keep the 4 disks loaded and ready for use. I would recommend this gun.
ProsQuick change for ammo. Easy CO2 cartridge change.
By Frederick
White Haven, PA
February 12, 2015
I think this hand gun is the best I ever shot, and it has a lot of power. I have a lot of fun.
By Branden
Los Osos, CA
Review & Tips for Clips
February 6, 2015
Skeptical while taking it out of the box, it felt awkward in my hands compared with my few other pistols. But after a few days of getting to know my Vigilante, I can say it shines the most in construction, durability and performance/power. Where I docked it a star was for the appearence. It feels and looks to me like a Franken-gun: put together well, but ugly. And the angular design makes it catch on loose clothes and whatnot. No originality points for the CO2 housing, and the grip is a pain to remove. However, I think Crosman has a great product that could easily be made to look more attractive. Crosman? Are you paying attention? I'd would certainly get an improved "next-gen" Vigilante. One adjustment I did was put a small tie-wrap on the co2 knob to keep it from rattling inside the grip. Worked. *I noticed other people having a difficult time with opening the "break-barrel" for loading mags. I did too, but I found if I hold the barrel in one hand with my thumb on the release button, I can open and close it with (mostly) just my thumb. For me, that made an enormous difference, and now it's my favorite feature on the gun. Have fun, be safe!
ProsSolid & well-constructed design, I really enjoy the mechanics. I think the mag-loading design is fantastic. Snapping the gun back together feels great! Fully adjustable rear sight. Lots of tac rail. Not important to me, but I tried a flashlight on the bottom for kicks. Pretty neat. So far it has shot every pellet/bb from every mag I've put in, and pretty consistent groups at short range (at least one hundred shots). The extras in this kit really sealed the "deal" for me, and I love the holster. It fits my other pistols great, maybe even better.
ConsLooks pretty fakey, and I think it deserves better. My trigger has an uneven pull. Prolly still needs some breaking in. Single action is awesome. I don't like how the safety pokes out. Removing the grip sucks. You have to remove both sides, and when I do, at least one side flips out of my hands. Not good. Otherwise, there's nothing else I can think of that I didn't already know from the specs.
By Randy
Excellent value
January 26, 2015
I did my research on this and was not disappointed when it arrived. Very smooth firing in either single or double action. Ready to go out of the box.You can expect approximately 70-80 rounds per co2 cartridge. Depending on your skill level and pellet consistency you should find the Vigilante fairly reliable on accuracy. At 10,15&25 yards I was able to capture good groupings. I doubt I shoot bb's using the vigilante. Its not going to blow your eardrums out but in my opinion its not backyard friendly.check your local laws before hand if you plan on backyard use in close quarters neighborhood or, maybe plan to go to your local firing range. Most allow entry as long as your using lead pellets. In closing, buy this airgun its an unbelievable deal. It is rare to gain this type of performance at such a modest cost. Enjoy :)
ProsGood co2 life Accurate Reliable Easy use Durable
ConsThe holster with the kit is not very good but holds the airgun. Texture of handgrip
By Russell
Mastic Beach, NY
January 16, 2015
By Wild B.
Rome, NY
Nice Beginner's Revolver Package
January 9, 2015
I haven't fired this gun yet, but have worked the features and expect nothing spectacular in any respect - good or bad. I think that as a short range plinker, it should perform rather well. Being set up to shoot either .177 cal. pellets or BB's, is a nice feature, however, due to the bore being rifled, I do not plan to use BB's. Softer lead pellets won't damage the rifling, however, steel BB's might prove to be detrimental. If it were a smoothbore, my choice would be just the opposite. There would be no reason to use higher priced pellets in a smoothbore. To make for a more pleasant shooting experience, everyone will want more than one cylinder magazine, thus getting three more mags in this combo package is a good extra. They were all three pellet mags, so AirgunDepot must know that pellets will be the ammunition of choice. The holster turned out not to be for a long barreled revolver, and is not as pictured. It is a Crosman branded holster, similar to the one in the photo, but with a long magazine pouch on the front edge. I will not try to use it with this gun, but it will be perfect for any mid sized semi automatic pistol, stationary or blowback, utilizing a stick magazine. Don't get me wrong. It is a quality holster, it's just not for this gun. I'm not sorry that I bought it, and am looking forward to pulling the trigger as soon as the winter weather subsides.
ProsThis combo package is as good of a value that you will find anywhere on the internet. Extra magazines are a definite plus, as were they not included, you would be buying them anyway.
ConsFar better technology is now available and presents a much more realistic experience than the Vigilante, albeit at a greater cost. In it's day, and price class, this is the best buy, but the advent of blowback design, in semiautomatic pistols, and reloadable cartridges for revolvers, will very soon make this design a thing of the past, and eventually decrease customer interest.
By pontala
Fun to shoot
December 9, 2014
Well worth very fun to shoot
ProsDouble action 10 shooter
ConsHeavy trigger hard to shoot
By Tom
Excellent Product
November 19, 2014
Prompt delivery of an excellent product at reasonable price
By Benji
duluth mn
November 4, 2014
Dead-on accurate!
By Bob L.
Yuma, AZ
A Pleasant Suprise for a Low Price Crosman (better than some more expensive Crosman guns)
November 1, 2014
This is not an airgun I would have bought for myself. I like powder wheel guns well enough, but in air guns I'll take accuracy over magazine capacity. The only reason I bought this gun was because my wife expressed an interest in pistol shooting one day when my son, my dad, and I were shooting airguns out the back door of the shop. I spent some time looking at various air pistols after that. I wanted to find something that shot well and she would like to shoot. One day in a department store she saw a wheel gun style CO2 pistol on the rack, and commented that she liked the look of it. Well, you know how it is. You better get what the wife likes in your hobby or your hobby is probably over. I ordered one. When it arrived I let her open it, read the instructions, load it, and fire it. She can shoot ok, but she is not a shooter if you know what I mean. She is definitely not an airgunner. Loading magazines with pellets was easy enough, and the pellets stay put. Putting the CO2 cartridge in is a bit awkward since you have to remove both grips to tighten the cartridge into place. I imagine keeping them on after the gun gets well worn could be an issue. Loading the gun is the big problem though. It takes a lot of force to open the gun. I could do it consistently, but it took enough force to put a dent in my thumb each time that stayed for several seconds. My wife could barely open it at all. After a couple times she just handed it to me to open so she could reload. I think if you don't want to wear out the catch you miught want to hold it down to close the gun back up as well. I found I tended to have the magazine pop out and tumble across the floor when I opened the gun to reload. The hand that advances the cylinder works fine and seems to index adequately either single action or double action, but there is no bolt to hold the cylinder in place when the gun is at rest or when its cocked. I like the cross hammer safety. I totally prevents the hammer from touching the knock valve to discharge the gun. It reminds me in function to some of the .22 powder guns we used to sell in my dad's hardware store. If you have the safety on, it would be very difficult to have an accidental discharge. I do have to say though that my wife and I both fired it a couple times with the safety on to be disconcerted a bit when the safety did its job. The safety is a very good working feature. My wife put the first 60 rounds or so through the gun. I set some aluminum cans between the shooting bench and our backstop at about 25 feet. Shooting double action she hit them some of the time. Shooting single action she hit them most of the time. I really didn't expect any better than that. After a while she offered me a turn. I wanted to see what I could do. The first thing I noticed is the sights seem to be a good match with each other. After the disappointment shooting my much more expensive 2300T I was very pleasantly surpised. Shooting single action I hit the cans with every shot. After they fell over I proceeded to try and hit one end or the other to walk them down the course towards our backstop. Out to 40 feet I hit them with nearly every shot with a little hold over as they got further away. At 50-60 feet I hit them more than half the time. Misses were mostly because holdover became unpredictable past 40 feet. For a cheap gun accuracy was pretty good. All shots were fired standing with basic two handed cup grip. Later I put a fresh cartridge in the gun and made a few shots over the chronograph with Crosman brown box 7.9 grain domed pellets. The first shot registerd at 485. That had to be a fluke, because subsequent shots ran 395-420 when shooting fairly quickly with most being around 400. That allows for the claimed 435 FPS to be true. I would also add that I am sure the ease with which you can rapid fire this gun will affect its velocity. If you waited 45 seconds or so between shots for the CO2 temperature to equalize to ambient I am sure speeds would be more consistent. Overall I have to say the base gun or the package with extra cylinders and a holster from Airgun Depot is a good value for the price. Atleast the one I bought is. Its fun to shoot. Its modestly accurate. It meets its advertised claims or comes close, and it seems to be reliable. Don't get me wrong. Its not a match gun. Its a cheap plastic assembley. I expect a kid (one responsible enough to use a pellet gun safely of course) could wear it out blazing away all day long quickly enough. As long as somebody doesn't have unreasonable expectations I could certainly reccomend this gun to a friend for short range firearms proficiency and target practice.
ProsModestly accurate. Nicely proportioned sights. Easy to shoot. Good safety. Power close to advertised specs.
ConsHave to remove both grips to load CO2 cartridges. Very hard to open gun to load cylinders.
By tootired76
Nice looking gun unable to provide consistant accuracy.
September 13, 2014
I bought this gun today, spent about an hour trying to zero it. The shot group is more like a shotgun than a pistol! My Crosman 1377 although is pump action, it is HIGHLY accurate. This one is not! I'll admit that I had fun loading 10 pellets and then shoot them rapid fire! Yeah, I can consistently hit a pop can at 25 feet, but my fellows and me regularly get together and shoot airguns. I could call and hit the Camel's head on a empty pack of Camels at 25 feet with that 1377. I doubt if I can with this one!!! Maybe I was lucky with my particular 1377!
ProsNice CO2 action! Fires 10 .177 pellets in succession! As fast as you can pull the trigger!
ConsAbout as accurate as a BB rifle!
By Damien
Anchorage, AK
Older Model
August 28, 2014
I bought a Crosman .357 replica in the early 80's and used it for over 20 years before the screw thread on the CO2 keeper failed. I didn't try to fix it as the more-urban environment I moved to gave me less need for this small caliber. I killed grouse and squirrels (takes a head shot on the latter) with that gun and spooked the moose out of the yard so they wouldn't thrash the ornamental trees and shrubs. I disliked the variability in the charge over time and, with age, it leaked more CO2 than it launched pellets with. On the plus side, it was a six-shooter. Very much nicer than a single shot break barrel, esp. when you're in the woods for small game. Having read the reviews on this current model, it seems that the older unit had a better grip (one side removal for loading CO2) than this one. I'm looking to re-enter the market and will give this some consideration as I do my research, though I'm leaning towards a break barrel.
ProsMulti-shot cylinder; excellent velocity & killing strength.
ConsCylinder bleed, though another review mentioned a drop of oil on the cyl tip.
By Redneck A.
Suffolk, VA
inexpensive and it is fun.
August 21, 2014
Ask many have described it to be fun and it is. It is accurate for small target around 35 feet. It sounds nice. The trigger and hammer has a good feel to it. It is pretty solid, except for the plastic grip. I don't like the cheap plastic grip that is not very secure. The combo is nice. I had purchased an additional 6 more pellet clips for reloading. I could get a good 70 solid shots or more out of 1 CO2 cylinder. I will definitely recommend others buy this for educational fun and recreation.
ProsGood price for the product. It is solid for the most parts. It shoots straight. It sounds nice, and the semi auto and single shot option is great. It is fun to shoot. You will using so much pellets and targets and co2 because it is fun.
ConsClose look at it, and it looks fake, and the cheap plastic grip that comes apart if you bump into something.
By Dennis
Red Bluff, California
Great Revolver
August 9, 2014
This pistol is awesome ! It's easy to load and change the rotary clips, the Co2 is easy to install, and you don't need to carry an allen wrench with you to change the Co2cartridge, the key is built in. Their also pretty accurate, im doing really good with mine. I won't shoot bb's with mine, I heard it's bad for the rifled barrel to shoot bb's. Anyway, these are wonderful pistols, and I give them 5 stars all the way. Dennis, Red Bluff, Calif.
By Yankee J.
Green Valley, AZ
The gun is great the holster makes a perfect combo.
August 4, 2014
Both pistol and holster are great. Don't forget extra clips for the gun.
ProsGood feel, built well
Consnone at this time
By Timmy
opglabbeek, Limburg
August 3, 2014
Poewerfull & accurate, but does bother neighbors
Prospowerfull + accurate
ConsKinda my 1st co2 pistol, so is compared to crosman 1322 / beeman P17 / Buckmark URX
By pat
Excellent Pistol
July 7, 2014
Hits the target out of the box and after a couple minor adjustments to the sights it is a dead on Bulls-eye.. Great Product.
By Rick
Great buy,cheaper than walmart!
June 3, 2014
Glad my search engine brought me to your sight. The Crosman Vigilante with all the extras is a great buy. It's light weight and easy to load. Very easy to sight in and very accurate. Best for grand children to learn with. It is everything your site said it is, no bologna! Thanks for great shipping and notifying me and keeping me up to date. Heck, the package arrived before your last two emails! Thanks again Airgun Depot!
By Robert
South Dakota
Fun pop gun
May 27, 2014
Fun shooter, works well. Make feel like an old cowboy in the old West when I chase the stray dogs out of the yard with it. YeeHaw! Killed a lot of pop cans with the grandson. Good one for the youngsters to learn with.Having a blast. thanks
By Tony
La Vernia, TX
WOW what fun
May 25, 2014
We have had an older steel version for over 12 years. Saw this one on sale and bought 2. What fun. Much easier to change the gas cartridge, no screws to mess with. The power is great with a fresh cartridge and stable all most to the end. Bought 20 extra clips, because reloading is a bore. Buy this gun, just for the fun of it. t At 10 two 20 yards very accurate and adjusting the sights is a breeze. Haven't tried it closer.
ProsLight weight fun.
By wayne
itz a buy
April 17, 2014
this inexpensive pop gun is accurate fun & works flawlessly, amazing fun,,
Prosworks great,,get an xtra 20 clips & load up 4 some shooting fun, up to 20 yards goes right in the bull,
Conshard to open up to change clip.
By John
Tucson, AZ
Great Gun....
April 5, 2014
This gun is well made and shoots very accurately. Powerful enough for pest control or small game. Could be quieter. Very satisfied.
By Spirit 1.
Riverside, CA
Impressive Performance!
March 26, 2014
Shooting pellets from this gun is ALMOST as much fun as shooting a real .357 Magnum. The main draw (pardon the pun) is that the pellet gun is much quieter, has no recoil and I pay no range fees. It handles beautifully due to its light weight and comfortable grips. Shot groups with 7 grain RWS Hobby pellets in my initial test were 1.0” to 1.5” from an admittedly very short five yards. 70 shots were fired from one CO2 cylinder before the trajectory dropped off to an unusable level. At that point, the pellets landed on the floor about five feet from the muzzle. Having four, 10-shot pellet disks with which to quickly change made shooting those 40 pellets extremely convenient. Although no BBs were shot in my initial test, I did load the one included BB disk with Crosman premium copper-plated steel BBs and they fit perfectly with a very secure grip. I’m looking forward to shooting them from this gun to see how their accuracy compares to that of the pellets. I also want to chronograph both ammo types to see how each does. The factory sights are entirely adequate. Although accessories for aiming may be mounted to the standard Weaver top or bottom rails, the added expense would equal that of the gun itself, making that proposition uneconomical unless they were borrowed from a real gun. For now, the “iron” sights are completely satisfactory. One added bonus is that the used pellets may be collected, melted and molded into bullets to be re-used in a real .357 Magnum. What more could a person want?
ProsWeight, comfortable grips, accuracy, satisfactory "iron" sights and zero recoil.
ConsSound pressure level too high for indoor shooting without the use of hearing protection.
By Bish
Canada doesn't like it ...
February 22, 2014
I carry this gun in my car for low level security purposes when traveling. Our planned border crossing into Canada at Niagara Falls on our return from the east coast, gave me 2 options: surrender the the gun or do not enter. We returned to Illinois via Ohio instead. Canadian Border security tipped me(with a smile) that the gun looked "too realistic"
ProsGreat purchase ...well built, especially for the money.
Conscylinder is just a bit tricky to reload.
By Tony R.
red dot sight
February 19, 2014
Vigilante has a Picatinny mount, not a 3/8 dovetail.
By waiter
halifax, NS
54.95 eye catcher.
February 5, 2014
love this gun makes me look good easy to load small adjustment to sight dead on to target buy it its great its all good
Proslooks great shoots great
By Laura E.
United States
A lot of fun
January 31, 2014
I am a woman who loves to shoot guns :-) This is great gun to practice with without the expense of high dollar ammo prices. I found it to be quite accurate, easy to load, just all around easy to work :-) It's nice to have a pellet gun that shoots more than 1 pellet at a time. The other great thing is that if you leave it laying around, it's quite intimidating because it looks so real and it is a good size gun :-)
ProsEase of use, good power, accurate, good looking gun
ConsNothing... It's a pellet gun :-)
By Steven R.
north west Florida
It's Just plain fun!
January 6, 2014
Very Nice, well made CO2 pistol. Great backyard fun for me and my son!
By Larry O.
Kinston, North Carolina
Fun shooting Crosman Vigilante 357 CO2 Air Pistol
January 2, 2014
Excellent price and fast shipping on the Air Pistol. Easy to load CO2 Cartridge and BBs. Fun shooting targets or plinking cans.
ProsHighly recommend this Air Pistol for target shooting. All around fun Air Pistol to own.
By charles a.
Crossman Vigilante 357
December 10, 2013
My son loves this gun, it's an excellent air pistol for the price.
ProsGood power and durable.
ConsHolster could be a little more size specific.
By drake
Nice gun
November 28, 2013
The gun is very cool buy the sights on it are bad
ConsBad iron sights or plastic sights
By Biff
Boston, MA
Nice Action
November 12, 2013
The look and feel are nice, but the action is pretty real, except for the recoil that would be a feature of an actual .357.
By Garth
Campbell River, BC
Great Gun!
November 9, 2013
I have really enjoyed shooting this gun and have put a lot of pellets through it without any problems. Can't beat it for the price and seems to be better quality then some others. The accuracy is quite good and the power seems good as claimed in most reviews. The service from Airgun Depot was great. The only issue I had was having to deal with FedEx with shipping to Canada. Which caused delays because I had to be phoned to clear customs and pay an Advancement fee plus all taxes. It would be great if you would ship with USPS which eliminates the extra cost and hassle. By the time I payed the extra fees the price was the same as here.
By tyler g.
United States
minor snags...
October 22, 2013
This is a great gun over all...I only have two is it looks real and the cops almost shot me... The second one is pointed pellets and plastic BB's get stuck .
By Sam
October 7, 2013
I got this gun about 3 months ago and it works perfect. I use this for getting raccoons out of our trash cans and dumpsters and i haven't killed any. I'm sure they wont be coming back any time soon. I use the Gamo Rockets with this witch I found works perfect.
ProsVery powerful for a co2 pistol.
ConsPlastic Barrel
By Michael
Paulding, Ohio
Pretty freaking cool!
August 21, 2013
I recently bought this and I have to say, as soon as i got it out of the box I loved the look and feel of it. I took it outside, messed with the sights a bit, and hit a can from about 50 feet away. The accuracy, feel, and sound of this gun is just phenomenal. The only bad thing about it is the fact that you've gotta load up those little clips over and over, but there's nothing that can really be done there. I recommend this gun to anyone who has a "cat problem", or just wants to shoot targets and stuff!
By Beth
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Crosman 357 Co2 Pistol Kit
July 24, 2013
Great air pistol-a little hard for me to pull trigger- maybe I have a weak index finger. Main purpose of our use is to kill bulfo toads; they would take over unless eliminated and are poisonous to dogs and cats.
ProsGreat weight and good feel in hand
ConsAs I said, the trigger pull is a little hard for me.
By Ed
Great value!
July 9, 2013
I own four high quality ($150 ) CO2 pistols and the Crosman 357 shoots as well as any. The Crosman 357 is made of plastic, does not have the heft and realistic feel of my Walther and S&W air guns, but it sure does shoot. Both double and single action trigger actions break nicely. Double action is smoother than my Walther P99. Groups at 25 feet hold in the neighborhood of 1.5 -2 inches with the point of impact changing little through 55-60 shots. I have put three tins of Crosman hollow point pellets (1500 shots) with no jams, failure to fire, or indexing problems. This gun is a super value!
ProsThis pistol functions flawlessly! It is well designed, manufactured to good tolerances, and just plain works.
ConsPlastic is the primary material used in the manufacturing of this gun. It feels like a toy.
By Buck R.
Washington state
Almost as good as the real thing!
April 19, 2013
I grew up shooting Smith & Wesson revolvers: a .22 K-frame from about age 7, and .357 L-frame and N-frames starting about age 13. I still have that .22, and recently got a Ruger GP-100 .357, so I'm well versed in powder-burning double-action revolvers. I live in the city and can't run off to the pistol range as often as I like, so I bought this airgun in hopes that it would be a reasonable substitute for practicing in my garage or back yard. So far, I'm quite happy with it. It's lighter than an all-steel 6" revolver, but not so much that if feels like a silly toy. (The weight is probably equal to or greater than some of the light-weight aluminum or plastic frame powder-burning snubbies.) Except for the almost complete lack of recoil or need for hearing protection, it is very close to shooting a "real" revolver. The trigger is surprisingly good for an inexpensive airgun. It's not as slick as a well-preserved fifty-year-old Smith & Wesson 8", but in single action it has virtually no creep and a break that occurs midway between the force needed for my K22 and GP-100, probably around 4 pounds. The double-action trigger is also OK; again, not glassy but not nasty either. DA reset is a little flaky. Accuracy is pretty good. Not competition grade, but for other purposes, you're not likely to be disappointed unless you are a VERY good pistol shooter. So far, I've only shot it in my garage at 15 feet, which is closer than I ever shoot my powder-burners, so I can't directly compare, but I think it is not much different. I have more varieties of pellets than I've had time to really test yet, but Crosman Premier hollowpoints seem to work well. Groups are consistent without obvious "flyers" so the mechanical accuracy of the gun should be good enough to ensure that most of the error comes from the shooter, which is what you need for training. When cocking the hammer, it swings off a little to the left, which looks a bit weird, but doesn't seem to be a problem. I had to adjust the rear sight groove a bit to the right to zero the point of impact, which I *think* is the gun, not me, since my .22 pistols do not shoot to the left. For such an inexpensive airgun, I can't really complain about these points. I got a Crosman 1088 at the same time as the 357, and the 357 is considerably better overall, particularly the trigger action. For a child or very small adult, the 1088 might be a better fit, since the grip size and trigger reach of the 357 is not tiny. Unless the extra size and weight of the 357 is a drawback, it is a better choice for shooting enjoyment. Added bonus: The included holster fits my Ruger pretty well. I don't have another holster for that, so when I went to an informal gravel-pit shooting range recently, I carried the Ruger in the Crosman holster. Now I just need to cover up the "Crosman" logo on the holster! Or maybe not, since I don't mind saying that this is a pretty respectable airgun.
ProsAccuracy. Realistic single-action trigger with acceptable feel. Made in USA.
ConsFinger grooves on the grip. I prefer smooth grips so my fingers can be placed where ever feels right to me, not forced to conform to the groove spacing. A minor annoyance. Double-action trigger reset is not as positive as on my powder-burning revolvers. Sometimes I fail to release the trigger far enough to make the next shot work, so maybe a slightly stiffer spring would be better. If I could rate the pistol 4.5 stars, maybe I would, but this is not worth taking off a whole star.
By Joshua
Cool but....
April 13, 2013
It is a cool gun but it goes through Co2 very quickly... When my mom tightened it for me it leaked. Sights are also hard to sight in. Otherwise it is a good gun.
By sean
sweet plinker and small pest revolver
April 10, 2013
Had this gun about 6 months and haven't had a single problem with it. It's a great looking and feeling gun. It is very accurate at 20-40ft, you can hit things from further. I like that it shoots pellets because I can have the variety you don't find in BB's. It also has a metal trigger and hammer which is nice. It's quick to reload a new rotary.
ProsAccurate Powerful Well made Looks cool
Consa bit large sight is hard to see

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