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By Sarge
November 25, 2008
The whisper is a great rifle. Accuracy with the fiber optic sights is very good. My Crosman Pumpmaster (625FPS) would barely imbed in a 1/2 inch piece of wood at 30 feet, the Whisper goes right through it. As a former Drill Instructor I can say the Scope isn,t very good. I spent two afternoons zeroing it and then the 3rd afternoon it was back to 2 inches off to the right. I wish the M-16 had this fiber optic sight because I,d qualify expert every time. Its also Very Stelth looking. With pointed Crosman ammo my neighbor said she couldn,t even hear it. The one shot I shot with the PBA made a slight Crack so I,ll wait till I,m out in the woods about 100 yards before I use it and there should be no problem. Airgundepot had great service and you can,t beat the price. The nearest compertitor was about $30 higher and most were $50-$75 higher.
By James B.
November 24, 2008
I wanted to get a new Air Rifle and the reviews and the quietness advertisement guided me towards the Gamo Whisper.It came doudle boxed and when I opened the box and first saw the rifle I was extremely pleased.It looks like some high tech sniper rifle.I mounted the scope and took it to the local indoor shooting range and sighted it in.Shoots great with really tight groups.It is very quiet except for the spring piston snap.The PBA rounds really hit the target hard and really notiveable over the lead pellets.I had read some folks do not like the trigger, it seemed OK to me.I ordered a GRT3 trigger same time i ordered the rifle but it was not really needed in my opinion.Buy it.Yeah baby!
By Del I.
Squirrel Hunter
November 9, 2008
I purchased the whisper .22 caliber Mid September 08 to rid myself of some squirrels that were using my pickups wiring as a chew toy. The fiber optic sites were easy to site in. I was easily taking out squirrels with head shots at 50 ‚€“ 60 feet. The silencer is an absolute must have. There is no crack from the pellet breaking the sound barrier. The neighbors are none the wiser.
By Tom C.
Power but Lack Accuracy
November 4, 2008
My First air gun ever. Quite impressed with the rifle and airgundepot sent it to me within 3 days! The version I have, which is the .22 packs a good punch. Shot through 1/4" of 3/4" plywood and about 1/2" into a 2x4. This is with a 13.8gr lead pellet. Also shot iinto 1/8" of concrete. Shot it into a tree trunk at an angle and took a 3" chunk off of it. But I'm still having a difficult time calibrating the windage on scope. Noise: it is REALLY quiet. Like the sound of a stapler. Haven't had a chance to blow any golphers up yet but I can tell you that the damage done to soft fleshy targets will probably create a hole 1/2" diameter
By Marisol
I. Love. This. Rifle.
October 23, 2008
This is my first air rifle. After about 100 pellets and several dismembered army figures, I'm consistently getting dime-sized groups with its favorite pellets, Gamo Match. I shoot in my backyard. The rifle is quiet, accurate, light-weight, fairly easy to cock (I'm not very strong at all). At first I didn't think the trigger was that bad but, after installing CDT's GRT-III trigger blade, I understood what all the poor trigger reviews were talking about. Get the GRT-III. Like buttah. I love this gun. I can't wait to shoot it again.
By kekoa
Great gun
October 22, 2008
This is a great gun and it is very quiet. But you dont notice how quite it actually is when youre shooting it. I mounted a centerpoint 6-25x50mm scope on it and is very accurate. I also put a bipod on it so i could shoot rabbits with out them seeing me. The fiber sites are nice but I perfer using a scope. Kill range is about 100 yards. hit or miss beyond that. I did notice the trigger is a bit short and harder to pull. But it didnt bother me too much. The shipping was on time and airgundepot sent me the trracking information the next day. I also got a cleaning set. Very useful, I cleaned my old gun and found a bunch of lead in the barrel.
By Kevxx5 c.
September 29, 2008
Wow! I went outside to the backyard and killed at least 5 chipmunks
By Bob W.
Squirrel Wacker!
September 6, 2008
I took the Whisper out to the range last week for the first time and within 10 minutes was shredding vital areas on my squirrel targets. I zeroed her in for 25yds as per the ballistic calculations recommended for my RWS .22 SUPERDOME pellets. Very nice squirrel whacker. Before any shots, though, I installed a Charlie-Da-Tuna GRT-III triger.....Total investment under $300.00.
By the h.
awsome gun
August 4, 2008
Great gun, bought it about a year ago took it right out of the box it works great and still does, but i recommend you use pointed pellets it go's farther and penetrate better, flat heads suck, shot a squirrel from a 90 yards, with no scope, good luck hunting
By John S.
Great Gun
July 28, 2008
I recently ordered a Gamo Whisper pellet rifle from you, and I was very impressed with your follow up emails on receipt of order, shipping instructions and tracking number, etc. Very proffessional. I received my order exactly when it was stated and I was very impressed with the rifle. I am an avid big game hunter so am very familiar with rifle and scope mountings, etc. It took me about 20 minutes to mount the scope and then I set up a bench to sight in and that only took about 10 minutes. The rifle is outstanding and so is your service. Thank you so much! John Stone III
By Ralph O.
Great power needs accuracy
July 5, 2008
This Rifle has decent kill range aprox 85-90 yards past that it's hit or miss as to wether it will penetrate with pointed pellets. I have made a kill shot at 100 yards but it was a lucky hit i think as the grouping expands to aprox. 5 inches...this is from a bench mind you. The weapons effictive range is 0-60 yards within that range it consistantly returns 2 1/2 to 3 inch groups all day from a benchrest. the pointed .177 pellet has a very high velocity at thoes ranges and takes out almost everything. It is quieter than my pump action corsman which only shoots 650 fps but when using the Gamo "gold" ammo it can at times break the sound barrier and there is a small but distinct crack. The stock scope is ok not great but not bad either the stock fiber optic sights are great i've gotten better groupings with them at 25 yards than the scope (only marginally) overall this a is a great rifle but not perfect i wish it had better effictive range and slightly better accuracy than again thats what 4 years in the military will give you.
By Rick
Keep neighbors happy...
May 14, 2008
Super air rifle! Retired my cheap Winchester. PROS: Well... QUIET! (without PBAs) Light, comfortable, good trigger pull, accurate, easy cocking, good quality scope and more than adequate for an air rifle, very good fit and finish, well balanced and the suppressor REALLY works from the side and down range. I put multiple PBAs through 3/4" plywood ... that's right ... through! They did go super sonic though. CONS: I KNOW... IT'S JUST TO FUN TO SHOOT!
By john
amended review
May 4, 2008
I took my whisper air rifle muskrat hunting. i got 4 of them today. the PBA raptors pretty much make the noise suppressor a moot point and the scope is poorly designed because the recoil of the gun throws the scope off the back of the gun into your face. I tore the scope off finally to take a swimming musk rat since the scope was of no assistance. mut the gun has great power and is deadly accurate and looks great.
By John
i'm a big fan of this gun
May 1, 2008
I just got my whisper today. I put the scope on it and took some time dialing it in. Once that was done it was just plain deadly. It looks very intimidating with the noise supressor and scope and it packs one hell of a mean sting with PBA shots in it although I have to admit the PBA pellets do take away some of the noise supression when they create the expected shock wave in our thick michigan air. I don't mind though after I witnessed the devistation the .177 PBA round wrought on a toy pt cruiser I used for target practice. It punched holes clean through the die cast toy and kept going through the target, through the primary bachstop and finally came to rest deep inside a box full of old clothes I put behind that. I have no doubts in my mind that this gun is NOT a toy, is as accurate as my m-16 I used in the army if not more accurate, and could no doubt take out a 250 pound boar as I saw on a you tube video shown here with the varmint hunter which is basically the same gun without a silencer and a scope upgrade to a tactical scope. If I could get the varmint hunter's tactical scope with laser and flashlight this would be a wonderfully illicit gun for any game poacher with noise supression, laser and flashlight with PBA shot! My professional evaluation of this gun is 5 stars and 2 thumbs up. if you got the varmint hunter scope I believe it would be over the top. I tried the fiber optic scope on the gun too and found it very reliable, very easy to see and sight and once dialed it using the profesional grade windage and elevation dials it's just as deadly without the scope and I believe twice as accurate. I've never been a scope hunter so the scope is new stuff to me. I like it. Keep it up Gamo, these are excellent guns!
By John
awsone gun
April 23, 2008
I got this gun to drop a particularly quick muskrat. One shot in the head accomplished what a regular .22 cal rifle couldn't do. The thing would be underwater when the gun went off. With this gun he never heard it coming. He was fish food after one hit!
By Darell
Great gun, scope needs work
March 14, 2008
The gun I really do like. The down-sides: It is plastic. It feels great once you ignore the plastic, however. The trigger is a bit too short - but I'll have it tuned, and put in a new trigger to solve that. A bit too much spring "twang." And finally the scope mount. The scope itself is OK. The mount needed to be shimmed or there was no way to zero the thing. I used up all the play in the trim pots and was still 3" off at just five yards. Shimmed the rear of the scope, and then could finally dial it in. Pros: Astonishingly accurate and powerful. The alloy pellets will produce a sonic clap. The lead makes the gun quiet. I just can't believe how I can keep putting pellets on top of each other at the target. I have to keep walking up to the target to make sure I actually shot something! Light weight and easy to cock. Relatively quiet. All around it is a great gun that I would recommend at this level.
By Kenny
good rifle, bad scope
March 1, 2008
Gun has awesome power if thats what you are looking for. Dropped a groundhog that has been tormenting my wifes garden from about 20 paces. I head shot and he was done. Scope however was terrible. I zeroed this scope about 15 times before taking it off and using the iron sights. I would get it shooting 1 inch patterns at 25 paces. The very next day it was off by as much as 3 inches in a group. I use a case and it does not roll around in the back of my truck and such. Good gun but next time I will probably wait and save a little more and buy a Beeman.
By Mike
Great Fun
January 29, 2008
I am amazed at how much fun this rifle is. Outstanding performance and very quiet unless you load the raptors and then they make noise down range.
By Jon
January 24, 2008
This gun is great!!! IF you like to hunt with a powerful gun ,but have a lot of accuracy you should buy this gun. I have two pellet guns but the Gamo Whisperis the gun I like the most
By someone l.
December 30, 2007
this gun was great until the barrel warped, after 300 shots i dont know what happend but i'm geting a new one and retrying this gun, beside the warp it was a high grade air rifle and i still recomend it
By Calvin L.
Good for the Job
December 28, 2007
I sighted the scope with no difficulty. Now I keep deer from destroying trees with this gun. It scares the deer without hurting them.
By Colin W.
Definitely quiet enough
December 27, 2007
I just bought this for my son for Christmas. As we live in an urban neighborhood (and a liberal one at that), noise was a concern. In fact, it's the main reason I picked the Gamo rather than something else. Seems pretty quiet to me, and so far (about two hundred rounds) no complaints from the neighbors either. Also, no complaints from the Boy. In fact, he's ecstatic.
Gamo has their act together!!
December 22, 2007
I have owned several air rifles/pistols in my time. CO2 as well as pumps, however this was my first break-barrel air rifle with substantial power (over 750fps) Out of the box this gun is amazing. Sleek looks and solid construction. The feel of the gun is great as well. After one shot, you can understand what separates a good quality air rifle from a 60.00 special at wal-mart. Intense speed and precision accuracy make this by far the best air rifle I have ever invested into. Highly Recommended!
great air rifle
December 12, 2007
I am very pleased with the Wisper.This gun has great accuracy but not as quiet as expected. the scope dead already(less then 100 shoot)
By cole c.
the best so far,spring gun
December 9, 2007
nice and quiet, the only thing that knows what happened is our out door cat,hears lunch falling from the tree tops with one whisper quiet shot, nice rifle, thanks,OUT DOOR KITTY
December 2, 2007
Best of the best here people. This rifle has amazing accuracy. I killed a crow sitting on a power line form exactly 105 yards and 3 inches. Some people say this gun isnt queit at all well there stupid. This thing doesnt seem quiet to the shooter because your right next to the gun but when you get a few feet away you can barely hear it. This gun also has good power with pba ammo. With pba ammo its shoots 1200 fps and with lead pellets it shoots 1,000 still good. To get a feal for this gun let me say this. This gun shoots the same speed as a cival war musket rifle. 1,000 fps! It shoots faster than a musket with pba. Amagin the power of this future weapon. The looks are also great for a pellet gun and the silencer makes it look even cooler. If you want to be a real sniper and want to kill anything within range i would recomend this beast of a gun. GO GAMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By J C.
A Fine Air Rifle
November 19, 2007
This is my first air rifle, and I am very pleased with the purchase. I was looking for a straight shooting rifle for target shooting, and have found it to be just that. The noise reducer on this rifle seems to work well, but as I haven't owned any other rifle, I can't give a real comparison. I have been able to fire it in the attic of my boarding house without disturbing the residents, so it does have a quiet action. Included scope is decent, but the reticles are too thin, making precise aiming with it a bit hard. The iron sights on this rifle are neon green and red fiber optics that light up brilliantly. A set of high-rise sights allow you to use the scope and these excellent iron sights. I also recommend a cheek pad of some nature, as the molded one on the stock is not tall enough to effectively aim with the scope. All told, I am very pleased with this purchase and would recommend it to others.
By Thomas
Gamo Whisper Review
November 15, 2007
This air gun was a great buy!!! I absolutely love this gun!! got the scope dialed in after taking off the miss mounted ring pads and bingo, here is the most accurate and quiet air gun Ive ever used!!! strongly recommend!
By Joe L.
Wow great urban rifle.
November 14, 2007
This is a fantastic Rifle. It is much quieter then my other air rifles and super accurate. Once I mounted the scope and sighted it in I haven't missed a squirrel or crow yet. It shoots all the Crossman Premier Pellets perfect.
By the h.
fox killer
November 2, 2007
I killed a fox with 1 shot with the pba amo. Great gun, get one
By David C.
Worth the Price!
October 25, 2007
Great quality almost overall, well worth the price, highly accurate even long-range and quite durable...and it IS as quiet as they say. The only problem I noticed was that the adjustable built in rear sight (for use when shooting without the scope) is too fact, it adjusts itself when you don't want it to! idk if its recoil or vibration from breaking the barrel all the time, but the vertical adjustment screw keeps coming undone and I have to make sure I don't lose the spring that'd fall out if I let it unscrew too far.
Great Rifle
October 13, 2007
great rifle. being somewhat unfamiliar with break barrel air rifles, and hearing a 'regular' break barrel at Dick's Sporting Goods Store, the whisper is significantly quieter. When using PBA ammo, it is pretty loud. I bought a few types of lead pellets and with certain types, the gun is very quiet. with the Crosman Destroyer pellets, all I can hear is the spring mechanism. I also bought RWS superpoint extra's and they are the same, just slightly louder. Overall, this air rifle is still not as loud as my other pump up pellet guns. The weight of the whisper feels like a real rifle and the quality is great. the rifle is very accurate and fun to shoot. the fiber optic sights are very bright! The scope is easy to mount and sighting in the gun only took a few minutes. Still cant get over the power of this rifle and the accuracy at long distances.
Hours of Fun!
October 1, 2007
The quality is better then my .22 rifle. Shooting at hard wood logs the pellets go well into the wood telling me it does have power as stated. You really don't need the scope as the sights on the gun are very accurate fiber optics, so they look like the light up. Could group dime size at 50 feet. Highly recommend this product.
Excellent Air Rifle
September 11, 2007
Great service....ordered on Saturday, arrived Wednesday via Ground to Seattle. Whisper is very quiet. As other reviewers have pointed out the noise is suppressed from the barrel but the spring action is still fully audible. So as a result, the shooter hears a loud sound from the spring. But people in doors do not hear the typical crack of an air gun. Accuracy is great once you get the scope sighted in. The ship w/scope is very nice. I added a laser to make night time aiming that much easier and it is a sweet combo! Highly recommend this product.
By North V.
Quieter than you think
August 6, 2007
I have had my Whisper for about 10 days. I have shot it once indoors (6 shots) and once outdoors (approx 200 shots). My first impression of the Whisper was extremely disappointing (indoor shooting by myself). I thought it looked cheap and it did not seem quiet at all; moreover it seemed less powerful then my Gamo Shadow 1000. First impressions are not always correct... My second time out with the Whisper was outdoor shooting with a friend. After the first shot my friend couldn't get over how quiet it was, I thought he was crazy because to me it sounded as loud as my Shadow 1000. It wasn't until I let him shoot it while I stood back and watched that I really is quiet. It only seems louder as the shooter because you are so close to the mechanism. Additionally the cheap look that had put me off at first (the plastic barrel) was really a plastic sheeth over the metal barrel adding to the reduction in noise. In the end the Whisper performed extremely well groupings within the size of a quarter from 20 yards and increasing in power the more I shot. Even the PBAs that came with it shot well, very accurate from 20 yards. I am also glad Gamo included such a great scope, it made me feel like I got my money's worth.
By Squirrellll k.
its awsome
July 30, 2007
THis gun i awesome, its accurate and its powerful. i took it out a night and there was a big 20 lb. racoon in my back yard and one shot with the pba ammo .....dead. u cant even hear anything when u shoot it. but it wudd be better if it had a 3-9x50 scope on it
By Jim J.
Gamo Whisper .177cal
July 30, 2007
High quality product. Solid construction & feel. Very accurate out of the box with easy to see fiber optic front and rear barrel sights. Contrasts nicely when placed on your target. Scope is bright, clear and well made. The noise reducing qualities of the rifle are significant. The ported/baffled muzzle does indeed cut back on the sharp report on other quality air guns. Not quite a "whisper" but certainly enough noise reduction when compared to other 1000fps guns to keep your activities discreet from the nieghbors. Exactly what I needed.
By Sarnett@pcpartsgroup c.
July 27, 2007
Gamo Air Rifle Whisper Review I‚€™m writing significant details because I had a hard time finding specs on this rifle before I ordered it. These began shipping a month earlier than anticipated 07-20-2007. I was surprised to get my notice but the box arrived just as expected once notified by sender. Internal box was previously opened but contents appeared complete. Rifle had small nick in metal, Scope had small nicks in metal, Compensator has some abrasion all around tip. Some or all of these cosmetic issues could have been the result of shipping. Packaging uses a few strategically placed loose foam pieces that are hoped to stay in place rather than fixed positions for all components or a molded cavity. The fact that the box had been opened may have affected the interaction of these separate components. Barrel is one-piece synthetic, with integral compensator. This surprised me. Cocking mechanism appeared more exposed from the bottom than I had remembered on other Gamos. This may be just me. Workmanship appeared to be up to Gamo standards. Manual and all included documentation is nearly worthless. Some sites have the main manual available for download. Expect the same generic manual when you open your box. This is included along with other generic ‚€œrifle‚€ and scope documentation. So don‚€™t expect to learn about this rifle from what‚€™s in the box. The outer box skin has more information than anything inside it or online for that matter. One piece scope rings are solid with set screw for binding location into rifle, 3x9-40mm mil-dot Chinese BSA scope appears to be complete and appropriate with metal screw-on end-caps. Manual sights are fiber-optic, bright and functional. There is a lot of plastic on this gun. If that has the possibility of offending you then you need to handle it and adjust the sights and controls yourself before buying. If you‚€™ve handled a GAMO then you‚€™ll be familiar with the ergonomics and feel. This is a long gun. Now to the Whisper. The reason to buy or not to buy this is the special barrel. Well, the claim of 52% reduction is your tip that this is a specific claim and that alone. Someone in Gamo R&D can likely tell you that the highest energy frequency of the report was reduced by 52%, or something like that, but to you and me it cracks ‚€“ and it cracks loudly. Someone in marketing came up with Whisper no doubt. With the included pellets the sound rocketed around the space I was in like a canyon. I doubt that any rimfire I own would have been much louder except at the highest frequencies emitted. So energy may be reduced but perceived report reduction is questionable. This is not going to sound like a Red Ryder or normal air-rifle to the people you are trying not to offend. This makes me wonder if any compromises inherent in its design are worth it. In fact I‚€™m wondering when it would be a more appropriate weapon than anything I already have. What value a slight attenuation in sound achieves is quite a quandary actually. Conceptually it‚€™s a strong idea, but it‚€™s too loud to make it usable in non-rifle situations for me. Unfortunately you need to spend the money to find that out for yourself. There‚€™s nothing you can tell by looking at it when it comes to assessing its one key feature. I apologize that I don‚€™t have quantifiable data from instruments on what I observed. Let‚€™s just say this is *some* whisper. I‚€™d love to hear about any actual data people collect from this weapon versus comparables. However, I thought a little information early would be better than more information later. sarnett @

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