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By Tim
South Carolina
Compact accurate air rifle
January 1, 2020
Easy to set up and accurate. Gun feels good especially with the forward vertical grip.
By Nick
Ontario, Canada
Does this ship to Canada???
October 8, 2019
I Saw this a while ago, (after scrolling around for a bit) And was thinking about buying it, but does it or does it not ship to Canada?
Merchant Response:Yes, it does ship to Canada but the shipping cost is relatively high, as the import tax and fees are included with it.
By Shane
Magazine Faliure (s)
July 16, 2019
I first off want to say I love the products Umarex make and have this gun along with the Glock 19 Gen 3 (non-blowback). I had trouble with the Glock 19's handle always falling off so I used Amazon were they sent me a brand new one and said keep the old one or throw away. They shipped it to me and I was really happy (amazing customer service). I read online how great this gun was and it truly is except the 40rd mag doesn't cycle til u hit 20 and I read that before plus these mags are pricey. When I shoot it, I'm waisting half my co2 and really messes up the flow of shooting were u get very angry. I definitely want to continue doing business and show lot of people since I have made a custom mock surpressor that looks great. I made this purchase under the 90days/ had the problem since day 1 really but with 2 kids and work. . Anyways I hope you guys can make it right by working something out as far as a working mag.
By Christ
Ellensburg, WA
Held up well so far
July 13, 2019
I really like this little plinker. And it is rather on par with targeting. It looks and feels real, so simulations go better as expected.
ProsReal look and feel Affordable Good sights
Best UsesSim training
By Vance T.
Mabank, Texas
Fun, Fun, Fun
March 15, 2019
Works very well. Little tricky to tighten CO2 tab but not that bad. I put a touch of White Out on front sight to aquire it easier.
ProsGood backyard fun. Decent hitting power. Can be shot in pistol or rifle mode.
ConsVery heavy trigger.
Best UsesTraining/plinking
By Kelly
Abingdon, IL
H&K MP5 great weapon
March 10, 2019
The mp5 is a great training weapon and w fun plinker I have no problems with my
ProsEverything is wonderful
Best UsesTraining and Target practice
By Vance T.
Mabank, Tx
Worth it
March 2, 2019
This gun is a blast for the money. Best airgun I've brought for awhile that did everything the write up says. You won't regret it.
By The A.
The backyard!
Man this gun is accurate!
December 19, 2018
You can't go wrong with this fun plinker! Has a 40 round mag and hits what you aim at! Love my MP5K!
ProsSuper Accurate and Holds 40 bb's in one mag.
ConsI honestly can't find one.
Best UsesBackyard plinking
By Rob
Tampa, Fl
it will keep you entertained
September 25, 2018
Impressive weight and quality feel. Easy to load ammo and CO2. A truly fun "plinker".
By Art S.
Newburg, PA
Simply Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
July 9, 2018
Does what it says!!! A really GREAT gun for the money. SIMPLE, buy it, shoot it, like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ProsEverything about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Best UsesTarget, rodents, BIRDS/TURDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By Damian
Claremont, NH
Great bb gun for the money
April 11, 2018
This is a wonderful product with its realistic features and amazing detail. Somewhat heavy to resemble the real steel version. Great replica to say the least. Collectors will love this item no doubt.
ProsGreat replica.
ConsLacking accuracy at longer range.
Best UsesThis bb gun is best for Plinking
houston, texas
another winner
February 6, 2018
this gun is fun and accurate. feels like the real thing. got at least 50 shots out of the CO2.
Prosaccurate, fun to shoot, feels real, durable. doesnt look or feel cheap
Consneeds barrel extender, be cool if it shot full auto and had a bigger mag capacity. no rail system but still a great gun!
By Jose A.
Ca Stanton
Good gun
January 18, 2018
I really like this gun and it’s lots of fun
ProsReally good gun lots of fun
By Tony
Buena Park, CA
January 16, 2018
Fun and accurate at 15 to 20 feet. I get about 50 good shots per co2 cartridge. I like it!
By Douge
Modesto CA
Can't believe your video shows shooting glass
December 22, 2017
Everyone I know is against shooting glass.
By Adam
longmont, CO
awesome fun!
September 7, 2016
Just a fun bb gun to plink/target shoot with. looks very real with blow back action folding stock. many people think its actually the real thing!
Prosjust plain fun!
By Sean
Good fun
September 3, 2016
Shoots well but magazine doesn't always function as advertised. Easy to load but time consuming. Overall happy but it's got its kinks.
By Zachary
Leominster, MA
Beautiful SMG and a blast to shoot
August 27, 2016
This mp5 is one of my favorite submachine-guns that i own. The 40 round mag is excellent when you wanna just unleash a barrage of steel. I tricked mine out with a custom piccatinny to hold a green dot sight and a high intensity green flashlight. It works great in my opinion on all accounts.
ProsNice weight, 40 rnd. Mag, collapsible stock, fore- grip, blowback, simple CO2 insertion
ConsThe only con i have is that it doesn't have a full- auto, select- fire option, but even without, its a great gun and an even better buy.
By bill
tons of fun
July 29, 2016
Just awesome. U will like it.
ProsHours of fun
By Stan
Denver, CO
H &K MP5
July 9, 2016
It is fun to shoot.
ProsIt is fun to shoot.
ConsIt is not incredibly accurate, even when on a rest; there is not a consistent pattern. Not as realistic looking as I would have liked.
real H AND K
October 16, 2015
By Ram
Roselle, il
Lots of fun
October 5, 2015
Fun gun, mostly plastic but it has a good feel and heft to it. A got a refurb and shot placement is a little inconsistent grouping is like 6 inches at about 10 ft, its smooth bore so, but fun to shoot none the less, not sure how this shoots brand new so. But over all not bad for $72 delivered to my door
ProsFun to shoot, affordable. Looks great, nice feel and weight
ConsInconsistent shot placement, shot grouping is wide
By alexis
washington , dc
had to get it again
September 22, 2015
loved this gun. theres so much to love about its performance. my second time having this item.
Prosso many
By Jim
Great gun
September 7, 2015
This H&K mp5 is a lot of fun to shoot , very accurate it would be even better if it held more rounds , but still a blast
By Keith
Fortson Georgia
need to be able to purchase extra magazines for .177
August 28, 2015
I am a owner of a .177 m5 pdw
Proslight weight and solid great shooter
Consneed to be able to purchase extra mags
By Gerald G.
Lynn Indiana
Fun Gun
August 6, 2015
I'm giving it only four stars because the first one leaked so bad when installing the cartridge. But here is the good part, Air Gun Depot sent me a replacement within days. This replacement worked just fine. The feel and accuracy are excellent.
By Mike
Arnold MD
August 5, 2015
Very realistic thought primarily polycarbonate construction and lightish weight. Amazingly accurate even out to 30'. The gun is Double Action Only but the trigger is smooth. Great fun …. Hard to put down.
ProsGreat fun, realistic feel and operation.
By Mike
Wagoner, OK
fun, solid plinker
July 27, 2015
The H&K is fun to shoot right out of the box. Solidly built, easy to use. Not a gun you want to buy for serious target shooting, but is fun to shoot clay targets at 10-15 feet.
ProsSolid Easy to use Very realistic
By Fabian
July 27, 2015
Awesome and realistic looks and feel. I love the fact that it has a 40 rd magazine, so you get more shots before having to reload. Great addition to my large collection!
ProsGreat looks and feel, love the large cap magazine.
ConsI really can't think of any
By Erick
Trois-rivieres, QC
if i did not know that its refurbish i think that i never note that its not a new!!
July 14, 2015
perfect gun , have some weight to it a little like the umarex steel force .but the plastic is much better quality one this mp5.also the gun is very accurate and powerfull .i recomand it to anyone .first time i buy refurbish and i have not been disapoint with this first order , and i will not wait long time when an other deal like this will present again!!
Prosaccurate , blowback, some weight to it , very cool replica of mp5
Consneed make one like this with more external métal parts and a full auto mode.i also like to see a real fonctional blowback who does something with the trigger and lock back at the last bb's shot.
July 11, 2015
By Tommy
Awesome gun
February 6, 2015
I just got it today and I shot about 20 round and it hit a building the next street over which is freaking awesome ! This gun got balls I can only imagine doing hunting with this it can destroy anything small and break and shatter windows and all ! It's serious stuff! Def a Personal defense weapon! I will buy more guns from airgundepot ! Fast shipping and awesome price ! Uzi and Walters are my next guns plus more !!!!
ProsIt's has power and really fun to shoot ! And I shot real guns and this is just as fun!!!! Recommend this to anyone !
By Jesus B.
queens new york
outstanding airgun
December 29, 2014
Accuracy perfect, two mags per one co2. Feels dam good to hold and shoot. With A red dot on it you cant miss. Cans and bottles Have no chance. Lots and lots of fun shooting This .177cal co2 airgun. Have lots of co2 your going To need them.
ProsDurable no pronlems what so ever. I had mine about Six mounths cant keep my hands off of it.
ConsThey should make them dual 12g. Co2 instead of One.
By Bryan
Great Item
December 15, 2013
Realistic feel and weight for an affordable price. This is a cool BB gun, great for plinking and fun to use.
ConsUnable to easily attach items without having to convert it.
By Mike
London, ON
Good for plinking around
November 16, 2013
Works as expected, steel bbs are recommended. Sites need some adjustment upon arrival
ProsGood for plinking around. Doesnt feel too bad (outside is mainly plastic) Mount adapter is available for adding scopes and accessories Works out of the box, with minor site adjustments I can get about 1.5/2 clips emptied before i notice performance decrease (low co2)
ConsNot extremely accurate (im comparing to a break barrel so its expected) Rail adapter can be expensive, just google mp5 bb rail and with some common sense you could find one that it priced reasonably.
By troy
clearlake CA
Amazing replica for the price
October 21, 2013
It's great for all the reasons listed in the other reviews so I'll give a couple tips based on what I've read. To load the magazine faster I put my BB's in a medium sized Tupperware container so I can basically dump a controlled handful over the top. Usually it fills after two quick handfuls and only takes a few seconds. Also people keep saying the co2 is hard to load but I found with mine if you just remove just the top pin the back plate will pivot down allowing access to to cartridge making the changes as fast as any of my other bb guns. I put a mount on mine with a reflex sight and the accuracy is overall very good. Yes it's plastic but the quality is good and I would never expect an all metal replica for anywhere near this price.
ProsNear perfect replica very accurate for a smooth bore BB shooter High magazine capacity
ConsTrigger pull is a little stiff
By Bernie
Garden Grove, CA
It's fun!
June 1, 2013
I used this gun on several aluminum cans and at a distance of about 20 to 40 feet. It worked well and the cans were destroyed easily. The gun looks good and works as it's supposed to. The stock is a bit shaky and changing the CO² cartridge is a bit tricky, but manageable. At a price of $65, what can you expect? You can expect a fun gun that does some considerable damage and looks pretty cool.
ProsLooks cool, works well, lots of fun
ConsShaky stock, changing the CO² cartridge takes some time and is a bit tricky
By Redsrover
Deep South
Great Shooter!!
May 8, 2013
Out of the box the MP5 was well made and easy to operate. The magazine loads easy, although one BB at a time. Mag feeds and ejects smoothly. Shoulder stock folds nicely and the CO2 loads simply and securely. I was delighted with the quality. The BBs feed smoothly and the aim is pretty decent. I took mine camping and that weekend ran 4 or 5 CO2's through it and dumped mag after mag into the thing without a snag. The last CO2 only had about 40 BBs on it when we packed the MP5 away. About a week later I was packing some stuff out of the truck and gave the MP5 (in a pelican case with other stuff) to my daughter who then shot another 3 mags through it. It wasn't until I stopped to watch her that I realized she was on the same CO2 vial we'd cracked over a week ago. The secret? Put a dab of Hoppes gun oil on the tip of the CO2 can before inserting it...
ProsGreat product!!
ConsOnly comes with one mag...which may be the weak link as the spring or some little molded plastic tensioner is likely to fail before the gun is toast.
By Daniel
Nichols, SC
April 15, 2013
My daughter and I, yes I said daughter and I, enjoy shooting this in the backyard. No recoil and it is a fun plinker that is both accurate and powerful. Looks realistic.
By Josh
Can Buster
March 24, 2013
If you are a good enough shot, you will be able to almost make a can go into a half. Shooting at 400 fps, the gun can shoot 25 yards then it starts to fall. The trigger is a little hard but is great to mess around with.
ProsPlenty of power.
Constrigger how hard to change co2 tank
By jimmy
Slaton, TX
February 1, 2013
Gun is fantastic. Son likes just carrying it around and shooting is an added bonus.
ProsRealistic look Power
By Audrie
Collierville, TN
Perfect Christmas gift on a budget...
December 31, 2012
Bought this for my son for a Christmas gift. He has loved every minute of it. No trouble loading or shooting. I couldn't have asked for a better deal.
By Chris Z.
Chicago IL
November 14, 2012
Purchased this as a refurbished item. Leaked and never worked.
By calvin r.
Arcata California
mp5 clone reveiw
October 18, 2012
The gun is light but has too much hollow plastic in its construction. The HK markings are a plus. However, even if the price had to be increased for more realism, that would be acceptable. It is in the end, a budget buy. That being said, it shoots well but the rear sight is a joke.
ProsLooks semi real.
ConsIt is too flimsy.
By Laufetc
Colorado Springs, CO
fun gun
July 30, 2012
It took a bit of work to load the magazine the first time. There is a little release button (that is too easy to trigger) that will send a shower of BBs out of the half-loaded magazine. Once I was aware of that, I was far more careful... and slow to load the mag. If I had a good funnel for the BBs, it might go fast. (That would be a useful little thing for the gun to come with. The firing was very nice; and a lot of fun. It is great to be able to shoot out 20-30 BBs in semi-auto mode without stopping. I wanted a small-cartridge CO2 powered gun, and didn't expect a lot of shots between cartridge load. I get perhaps 100 BBs fired before the velocity starts to fall off significantly. The cartridge is fast and easy to load... if only the BBs were as fast! I recommend this if you are looking at a CO2 powered semi-auto gun.
Prossmall-cartridge CO2 powered multiple shot before reload
Consvery slow magazine reload only one magazine
By gsnanna56@gmail c.
Columbia Falls, Montana
July 3, 2012
I really like the gun even though the blow-back feature has stopped functioning. The plus side to this is I can shoot more BB's now.
ProsHigh FPS and can fire up to 120 BBs no blow-back
ConsThe puncture screw is in a place that makes it hard to use. I made a key for this problem, same problem I had with my Berretta Pistol, that makes it easier to turn those screws that are in those tight spots.
By Philip
Manwatu New Zealand
Fun, Fun,Fun!!!
June 23, 2012
I am 60 years with five grandchildren. I have always enjoyed air guns as that is the only way anyone can experience pistols over here without going through enormous hoops and costs. I recieved this the other day and what a blast, gone through 15 co2 cylinders already and happy to go through more!! The three granddies who are old enough to shoot helped me and they loved it as well, already asking who is going to get it!!! Told them hope I'm around for a bit longer. I would love to get a fully automatic bb gun we are not allowed them here so this was the next best thing!! Brilliant!! Going to save for the Uzi next!!
ProsPrice being refurbished. Weight, how you can empty mag without it slowing down or appearing to lose any power. Good quality plastic.
ConsAll the plastic, that is it!!! Would love to have a full metal, then I guess I would not have been able to afford it. Otherwise I love it!!
By Ray
Grand Prairie , Texas
It's Worth It!
June 16, 2012
By far on the best co2 guns i have owned. This gun is really worth the money, its got power and good close range accuracy.
ProsNice large clip Get three clips per co2 capsule Great weight
ConsMade of plastic Hard trigger pull
By myles
charlotte, NC
Great but c02
June 10, 2012
nice and everything is great. but i fill like the c02 runs out fast should have made it a 88 gram c02
By dylan
Hayward, CA
April 19, 2012
this gun is good for just shooting in your back yard
Prosi like its realistic features
By Geoffrey
tampa, FL
the real deal
February 26, 2012
This is the best gun i have ever used, it looks realistic, feels realistic, and is somewhat realistic.
Pros40 round mag you can have exactly 2 mags of fun before you have to switch out Co2 cartriges
ConsNot fully auto
By gustavo
South Central,Los Angeles,California
best machine gun
February 23, 2012
well the price is good. it's refurbished but it's in a good condition as a new one. fun machine gun.
Prosgood price
By Ayako
San Pedro, CA
February 10, 2012
Ok, it sais refurbished and was alittle discouraged, but in the end, I was YET AGAIN amazed by Airgun Depot's quality. IT WAS THE BEST THING EVER! it works PERFECTLY!! theres almost nothing about it.
ConsNothing, really... i dunno any
By aden
madison, WI
a little pricey for plastic.
February 2, 2012
this is a fun gun. a good weight, a great licensed replica of the real gun, but i have more complaints then compliments. the outside is fully plastic. the trigger pull is rather heavy. and my biggest complaint is that its a replica of an SMG but it cant shoot full auto. if this gun was 30 bucks cheaper, id give it 5 stars and a glowing review, but when i pay over 100 bucks for an airgun, i expect it to be much better.
Prosaccuracy its an mp5 folding stock
Conssemi auto plastic heavy trigger expensive
By steve s.
co2 leak
January 28, 2012
co2 leak otherwise good
By Dan
New York
January 16, 2012
This airgun was top notch, not only did it look brand new despite the fact that i purchased it refuerbished, it performed brand new. I cannot complain about anything on this MP5 at all, once you figure out how to load the co2 correctly, this gun works perfectly. i wish it had a larger clip! so buy an extra so you can duck tape two clips together for 80 rounds of straight fun!!!
ProsBrand new look and performance.
By Thomas
Silver City, NM
Great,This is a fun bb gun.I also have the eletric bb machine Looks are relistic
January 6, 2012
Put a co2 powerlet in filled the mag with mag with steal bbs.A lot lighter than my eletric bb gun.Shoots had shreds cans real eazy.To bad Im geting old but glad to enjoy these reproduction fire arms while I can.
ProsEcwery thing need more magizines
ConsThat i dont have more the refurbished job is out standind I cant even find it
By Sven
los angeles
good gun for good price
January 5, 2012
This gun was in excellent shape for being a brand new gun...this gun is alot of fun and is well made.
By Rob
Great replica
January 1, 2012
It looks like the real deal. I like the folding stock and I love the accuracy with a red dot but the iron sites were not that good
ProsA close replica to the real thing and it is a blast to shoot
ConsNeeds some more metal but the plastic is not cheap. The iron site are not good and changing the co2 is a real pain.
By kool g.
new york
pricey but definately worth it
December 27, 2011
great accuracy compared to c11 and daisy 15 xt fun to shoot and high magazine capacity moderate power good plinking and fun and target practice DO NOT HUNT WITH THIS GUN it will just put animals in pain you can cock the receiver but it doesnt do anything blowback feels kinda like 22 rifle cool gun its a tie to me with the steel storm it depends on what ur looking 4
Proshigh magazine capacity looks real feels real accurate overall amazing
Consco2 is kinda hard to get to but if it were anywhere else it would have to look fake
By michael
hiram, GA
December 10, 2011
great gun for the price
Consco2 runs out fast
By Quintero
Fun gun
November 28, 2011
Its a nice and fun gun
ProsLike the real feel and you can used in your back yard.
By Daniel
September 3, 2011
The good: Very good accuracy with a Leapers red dot sight. For mounting the sight I also got the "NC Star MP5 Scope Mount", and it works great. Nice weight and feel when everything is mounted. Not so good: The placement of the CO2 cartridge. It is somewhat difficult to change. The stock wiggles a bit. Extra clips would also be nice. Summary: Good BB gun with nice accuracy. 2,5-3 good clips per CO2 cartridge.
By Robert
Just Purchased this item - awesome!!
August 7, 2011
Just received my purchase in the mail - it is amazingly accurate right out of the box. This is a fun product to target shoot with, and looks amazingly like the real deal !! great product HK..
By Randy b.
June 27, 2011
got this a few weeks ago, i love it!!!! wife hates it but i love it!!!!!!
By Geir A.
June 7, 2011
If you gonna buy an airgun for plinking/fun, you got to buy this one... A must-have!
By Jacob C.
The "goods" and the "bads"
May 27, 2011
The "goods" about this gun are the accuracy, good quality and it has a little kick. I recomend this gun to anybody who wants a good quality co2 bb gun to just start shootin stuff with such as bottles, cans, glass, etc. It is pretty loud, but I think that's a good thing unless you have cranky neighbors. The "bads" about this gun is that it is only 400 fps. which is reasonable, but the butt stock is a little wiggly. Overall, I think this is a great gun and worth the price. hope you buy it! :)
By !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
April 3, 2011
best gun ever. more accurate than my daisy 880 rifle and very loud and powerful. feels like a real gun. I reccomend this gun to anybody who is looking for a good c02 gun that is very powerful.
By jake
best gun
April 3, 2011
love this gun. very powerful,loud, and has a recoil kind of. i have a daisy 880 rifle and compared that to the mp5 that im talkin about and overall, the mp5 is way more accurate than the rifle. hope this review is helpful!!
By Russel F.
February 27, 2011
very fun
By Danny L.
February 8, 2011
Well when I first got this gun I thought it was the most amazing thing on the planet,, soon I quickly realized that the 40 round mag is oh so little. I recommend a speed loader if your buying this gun. Over all it's an okay gun, If you absolutely can't wait to get a gun sure get it, but look around at other guns, I'm sure there is better ones
By Justin B.
Amazing Gun
January 9, 2011
Many things came to mind when I first opened the box, only good things. Has a very nice kick to it. Pros- -SEEMS accurate, the rear site is about half a mm loose so all the accuracy fanatics could get it fixed in place, if the gun is actually that accurate. -Reliable, shot every time. -400 FPS is a pretty good rating from a small co2 cartridge. -It's very sturdy. -It sounds nice when fired, it's loud, so that could also be a con. -Looks and almost feels real -Chamber opens when each shot is fired like the real thing.. except it's obviously not. Cons- -It's a pain to load the mag -I'm not a fan of the butt of the gun. -It needs attachments!
November 15, 2010
I love it! I have several of your guns and am 100% satisfied. I would like one of every product you sell but my acct. says that I can't afford it. Wait a minute, I could be a test subject and I will try them all with a truthful recommendation. Let me know. Anyway, thank you very much for a quality product.
By huntingpro
practice shooting,practing heart rate, and good for small pest like birds and squierl
November 10, 2010
i think this is the most funniest gun ever. 400fps doesnt seem like alot but it is for this little gun. i love how it has a 40 round mag but i wish it had a bigger cartridge.
By jimbomedia
mp5 great lil gun
September 16, 2010
I bought one of these and I really love the gun. Great price and shoots well. good velocity and weight. I am ex marine and love a air gun that is realistic. Have handeled the real thing and this is as close as it gets. Folding stock lets you get your pistol and rifle grove on in one gun. at 40 feet it punched thru my wife's plastic storage container. Don't tell her though, ha ha!
By Sasuke
plastic round pellets
September 11, 2010
i want this gun to shoot plastic bb's at a registered airsoft gaming place so what i want to know is are u able to use plastic bb's with it? PS: please it would be really useful
By bob
July 18, 2010
this gun is more accurate than the storm it fells better and it is much more realistic love it
By Jared S.
Fun Backyard Gun
June 24, 2010
When I received the gun, I was surprised. It felt like a very well made gun. The gun does wobble a bit, but nothing too major at the moment. It is extremely realistic. I showed my friend, and they thought it was real. Spare mags are available for purchase from Umarex. For the price however, I would suggest looking into Umarex's "Steel Storm."
June 20, 2010
REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By John
greatest gun in my aresnal
June 15, 2010
I have a rather extensive arsenal. Out of the entire lot, this gun is the one I like best. It looks and feels so much like the real bullet belching version it is very hard to tell the difference. It's not your ordinary "cookie cutter" plastic bb gun. As far as accuracy, it can't be beat on my close quarters range and consistantly shredds the evil tin can. The co2 lasts for 3 magazines then it is time to set another co2 in it. This gun is so fun I chew through cans and co2 at an unheard of pace.
By John
say hello to my little friend!
June 14, 2010
I've always liked the MP5. I really love this MP5K. it's light, small and punches lots of big holes in a small pop can. The co2 is a bit tricky to get in and out of the gun and I drew blood taking the spent capsule out, but I don't care. This gun is a blast to shoot. read the instructions before you try and fire the beast though. It has a few hidden things you need to know like where the co2 piercing handle is. It's totally authentic with a safety on each side so left or right handed shooters are comfortable, it's the proper size and weight and very convincing. I can't hardly tell the difference between the real one and the bb gun. I just wish I could get more magazines to fill out my tactical vest with so I wouldn't have to stop to reload. I don't want to stop shooting. Oh, and the thing is accurate right out the box and very easy to sight in on a target, just like the real one.
By Arnoldo A.
May 20, 2010
This Airgun is great quality. I have never held or felt the real mp5 k-pdw firearm but I have held a Glock, this airgun feels like the same material as a glock.The velocity is more like 450fps. I Love They are the best!

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