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Diana 34, .22 cal   $279.99
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By George K.
Monticello, Arkansas
RWS 34
December 13, 2019
My order came in several days before it was expected. The air gun was.doubleboxed so there was absolutely no chance for damage. The RWS 34 is a beautiful air gun and is very accurate out of the box. I am sure that after it settles in it will be even more accurate. I am well satisfied.
ProsBeautiful stock and there is no doubt about the quality.
By William
Best pellet gun
December 6, 2019
The best break barrel in the game!.this in march and have already got over a 100 squirrels with it the best pellets with it are H&N barracuda green lead free and RWS hobby
ProsDead on shooting
ConsOne thing called NOTHING
Best UsesHunting
By Marvin
Diana RWS 34 .22 cal
August 21, 2019
This air rifle is constructed with high fit and finish expected in much more expensive rifles. Accuracy is great target practicing or varmint shooting. I am very happy with this purchase.
By Marc
Wappingers Falls, NY.
Beautiful air rifle
July 29, 2019
My comments are why are people killing chipmunks? What reason would a grown man have for murdering a chipmunk? They do no harm to your property. We welcome them in our yard.
ProsBeautiful Woodgrain stock. Accuracy.
ConsSome people use this beautiful rifle to kill chipmunks.
Best UsesTarget practice and backyard plinking, killing vermin such as rats, NOT CHIPMUNKS!
By Frank
Vienna VA
Great Gun
March 8, 2019
Very Percise and Accurate Anyone can be a crack shot with this rifle Very Durable Great Trigger
ProsPrice Able to use indoors Ammo is inexpensive No need to clean
ConsThere are no except you should mate it with a good quality Air Gun Scope
Best UsesPractice Shooting Gun Safety Getting someone interested in the "gun arts"
By George
North Carolina
'A well engineered, powerful, target practice rifle or use it as an efficient rodent disposal machine'.
November 7, 2018
First off, the Airgun Depot were easy to deal with, and ensured me that the rifle would arrive well packed; it was. The reason for asking this was that the first 34 I ordered was through Amazon. The rifle arrived in a 5' square box with zero packing. The box arrived torn and broken, with the scope poking out of the bottom. I didn't even look at the rifle, it all went back. So, buying from a dedicated dealer who packs rifles and other delicate parts, maybe cost slightly more, but dealing with a company that has daily experience with sending rifles out packed well, is well indicated and in my opinion is worth the extra effort and very minimal cost.
ProsThe model 34 is a solid, well built rifle. The wood is well formed beech, and the metal appears flawless. Compared to the competition, when a company like RWS is always improving on the basic design, the buyer ends up with a rifle where the original design was sound, and any issues that could be improved over the years, were. After dealing with sighting in the iron sights (more on this below) it appears that the sweet spot for this 34 is right around the 10-15 yard area. The sights are well lit, and easy to bring to eye level for a powerful shot. Before all this happens the rifle needs to be cocked, and although a little difficult for the first dozen times, it eases in well. The good thing is that with the 30 or so pounds needed to cock the 34, no small child will be able to pick this rifle up unseen and 'play' with it. This is no toy. I bought the .22, and although the debate will be eternal about FPS, accuracy with a 14 grain pellet, in .22 is less swayed, and when pesky chipmunks were found trying to gain entrance into our house, they had to go. This is a one shot rifle. Rodents are dispatched cleanly and first time, no matter where they are hit. The shock of a .22 pellet is surprisingly effective. Virtually as a .22 short, without the loud noise. One point or two to make to a prospective buyer is to buy the recommended oil, and oil the indicated hinge and accessible spring parts when the rifle arrives. Not the compression chamber, but the only the outer moving parts. Oil evaporates over time and if the rifle has been in a warehouse for a few months, it needs seeing to. I also took some Old English oil and oiled down the wood, as the beech will dry out as well. I would say this as the 34's are not some cheap BB gun, but I will treat this 34 to the same care as I would my LC Smith or Browning arms. It is that well made, and worth the care. Sorry to ramble on here, but this is a rifle one of your grand kids will one day want to have. Make sure they see how it was cared for and they'll do the same!
ConsI would have given this 5 stars, but reviews should be open and honest. The one failing is that the rifle out of the box shot to the right, and the rear windage has to be set way over to compensate. It could be my technique in the trigger pull, but the excellent trigger can't be blamed. I've also found that the Diana 14 grain Superdome's appear to be more group consistent at 15 yards than other pellets. The rifle will probably do better with a scope, but if I'm hitting chipmunks at 15 yards with iron sights, it's not all bad.
Best UsesHard hitting shots, rodents disposed of with one single, well placed shot out to 15 to 20 yards. This is a humane means to get rid of yard pests. Target plinking is easily done out to 30 yards with iron sights and is a great way to teach young kids the nuances of rifle aiming and usage, holding technique and safety aspects.
By Jon G.
Northern NV
One of the few that is a classic at the start
October 4, 2018
Wow I like this - and not being a springer guy to begin with I learned quicker than I expected - takes a small amount of getting used too but now - its great Very accurate and easy to shoot - I like the old school feel in my hands - like the 22s I grew up with when I was a kid so many years ago - my grandad would have loveed this too.
Pros Excellent quality - and fantastic service from AGD and Umarex - lifetime warranty is worth a lot.
By Diana
Too much gun
September 3, 2018
This is a beautiful pellet gun but it is too big and heavy for my frame and the pumping mechanism, even after 100 rounds, is extremely stiff and difficult to use. Accuracy is pretty good even without a scope.
By Capt B.
Galveston, TX
Incredable Accuracy
July 26, 2018
This is a beautiful rifle. Was going to put a scope on it but after putting about 50 rounds through it I was getting 5 shot dime sized groups at 50'. It's not that hard to cock and gets easier every day. Puts a pretty good dent in a 3/8" steel plate. I did have to put 3" of clay over my backstop while the gun is quite quiet it makes a pretty good whack when the pellet hits the backstop.It's a little pricey but worth every cent.
ProsEverything about it is great!
ConsNone I could find.
Best UsesPest control, target shooting.
By Ric R.
Greensburg, Indiana
Five star air gun, you won't be disappointed!
June 25, 2018
5 star Air Gun. People I showed it too could not believe it was not a 30-06, they were shocked it was "just" an airgun. Accurate and powerful. I got the .177 which is my only regret. I was a novice, and the 22 would have been a better choice. It is not completely silent, it does make quit a big of noise when firing, so it is not a stealth weapon. Still it is legal to use in the city limits on varmints and rabbits eating our gardens. Make sure you show it to your neighbors before you use it!
ProsAccurate. Powerful.
ConsSingle shot. Loud. Not a rapid fire resource.
Best UsesPlinking, competitive shooting, eradicating small pests and varmints around the house in the city limits..
By Jimmie w.
San Pablo, Ca.
RWS Diana 34 Rifle
April 21, 2018
I purchased a Diana34 recently from airgun depot, after reading all the reviews, I decided on this rifle, and was amazed with the quality and workmanship of this rifle, along with a lifetime warranty. The wood is beautiful, and balanced like a high power hunting rifle, along with a really smooth trigger, and great fiber optic sights. I was amazed with the power and accuracy of this rifle, like shooting a .22cal. Rim fire at short distance, superb balance. After a slight elevation adjustment, I shot 12 out of 15 shots in a dime at 20yds., my first time shooting it.If you are looking for a great target and pest rifle, this is the rifle for you! I also purchased 4 tins of RWS Superdome Pellets, that were packaged in excellent condition , it was all shipped quickly from airgun depot, I could not be happier!
ProsEverything great in an overall package!
ConsCould not find any, You will be amazed with this rifle!
Best UsesTargets, and all pests in .22cal., very powerful and accurate!
By Mike
Amazing Quality
March 27, 2018
I have two of these rifles, one in .177 & one in .22. I've owned the .177 since 2014 and have put many thousands of rounds through it. They both are very high quality, hit hard and very accurate. I also have a Gamo Whisper Fusion that I would say is nice, but nowhere near the quality of the RWS (Diana) 34. The Diana 34 beats the Gamo in every category except if you want to hunt with a break barrel air rifle, you can cock a gas piston rifle for extended periods of time. I have targets set up at 28 yards at my house (small 1.5" metal plates made for .22 rimfire firearms) that I can hit with ease routinely and a friend down the street has 120 yard range that we have targets out to 100 yards for the air rifles that are 4" plates that also can be hit easily.
ProsHigh quality German craftsmanship, lifetime warranty, accurate.
By Mike
Pueblo colorado
Well built gun
March 2, 2018
Great gun. Clean barrel before firing first shot. This will make rifle very accurate. This is a important step that sales failed to mention. I didn't clean barrel before sitting in, shots all over place. Gunsmith cleaned barrel removing all oil and lead, now very tight groups.
ProsWell made, nice trigger, accurate after cleaning oil and led out of barrel.
February 20, 2018
By Tim T.
Still the best air rifle i have!
January 7, 2018
I got my diana over 27 years ago and it still hits where i aim it, I've had zero issues with her over the year's and would like to say its one air rifle you buy once, And keep for life.
ConsNone to speak of, Mine likes the cheaper pellets, but shoots almost all of them very nicely.
By Patrick
Excellent airgun
August 14, 2017
Bought this RWS model 34 on a recommendation and am very please with my purchase. Looks good, feels good and shoots great, so far I can't find anything I am dissatisfied with.
By Wayne
Reno, Nevada
Excellent Air Rifle
July 26, 2017
Just received my RWS 34 .22 and added a scope. It is a great rifle for the money.
By Jeff
Elk mound, WI
Rws model 34 .22 cal.
June 21, 2017
For the price it is a great value. The wood on this gun is very nice with excellent fit and finish. The iron sights are high quality with user friendly adjustability, and the trigger is the best ! There are absolutely no complaints here, I'm very impressed.
By JS 3.
Southern Illinois
Fantastic rifle right out of the box.
June 1, 2017
I received this rifle late yesterday, and this morning took it outside to adjust the sights. Shots were hitting well above the point of aim, so I lowered the point of aim by one click per shot for a while until I got a clue and began to lower the point of aim by eight clicks per shot. In no time, my shots were hitting the bulls eye. This is the performance I paid for when I got this rifle, and the quality speaks for itself. I can guarantee that I will have 1.) Fun shooting this rifle, not frustration, and 2.) The skills I pick up in practice with it will help me shoot all my rifles better.
ProsExcellent value for the money. Attractive rifle, Adjustable sights that really work, fantastic accuracy.
By Rifleman D.
Rochester, WA
Very nice rifle
March 20, 2017
Looks great and a powerful, tack driver from a rest at 15 paces. Keen to try a scope. My only complaint was it didn't come with a few pellets. I could just stare at it until I got some.
By Brian
Kansas City
Buy this gun
March 14, 2017
Very fine German rifle. I'm not sure how they take this much time for fitment and precision and still make them affordable.
ProsHits where you aim. Not hold sensitive. Beautiful slender stock and nice bluing. Precise pivot and lockup. Best trigger...I prefer T06 over the Rekord
By John
Sweet shooter
August 15, 2016
I'm in my second year shooting airguns, but I haven't wanted to spend much on them. My patience has really been tested with some decent and some not so decent air rifles. I know $300.00 isn't much money, but it's more than what I wanted to spend. With that in mind, I've been frustrated, mad, confused. I finally said enough is enough, and bought my Diana in 22 cal. I should have done it a long time ago. I never knew there was this much quality in an air rifle. I never knew there were triggers like this in an air rifle. It's definitely taking some getting used to. I can consistently bust bottle caps at various ranges, and it's always scoped in. That was a problem before. Every day I was sighting in. I have a good scope on Diana, and I couldn't be happier. A special Thank you to Airgun Depot for getting her here so quick. I ordered on a sunday night, it was shipped out Monday, and I got it Wednesday. That's Fast.
ProsShe's beautiful, ACCURATE, easy to cock, and a lot of fun to shoot. She's already taken several ground squirrels.
By John
,Springville, Ca.
A shooter, at last.
August 11, 2016
In my 2nd year with airguns, and have struggled a lot. I've been shooting cheap guns ( some good ) but they were not Consistent. Most people say that one gets what they pay for. That's not always true. I've seen cheap merchandise outperform higher dollar merchandise. But, in my case with airguns, it's true. My Diana 22 is what I've been looking for. I like it more every time I take it out. I consistently bust bottle caps at various ranges and it's always sighted in. That was my biggest problem with my other guns. I was always sighting them in. I'm using Crosman Premier HP 14.3 grains and they shoot great, and they don't cost a fortune. There's absolutely nothing I don't like about my Princess Diana. Quality gun with quality scope= A lot of fun.
ProsBeauty, great trigger, ACCURATE, easy cocking, priced reasonable.
ConsAbsolutely NONE
By A C.
Slidell, La.
Very Accurate.
February 23, 2016
From a bench rest it can hit bottle tops fairly consistently at 25 yds. with a scope mounted.
ProsVery accurate with Beeman "F.T.S." or RWS "Superdome" pellets. (Accuracy with RWS "Crow Magnum" pellets is really bad and not at all useable.) This .22 has lots of knock-down power for yard squirrels. Best suited for target shooting.
ConsBreak barrel design doesn't allow a shoulder strap to carry for hunting in the woods.
By Corey C.
queens county, Nova Scotia
November 20, 2015
I have had this air rifle for around 30 yrs, yes I said 30+ yrs. It has been a fantastic addition to my food harvesting tools. rabbits at as far out as 40yds. One shot kills. Just amazing. Unfortunately it has up and died. Does anyone know if it can be rebuilt and where the kit /parts can be purchased?
By Craig
Pawnee, Illinois
Twenty years, still performs like new.
November 9, 2015
I bought mine around 1993 at bass pro in springfield mo. As I recall, it was around $375. It spent most every summer since in the cargo hold of my boat. I shot it plenty when the fish weren't biting and never payed it more than a moderate level of care. After 20+ years, it still shoots like new.
ProsSturdy and reliable. Also, being a left handed shooter, I prefer the symmetrical feel of a classic stock profile.
Cons Louder than many newer models. Still, its robust design negates any cons.
By Gary
Wellsville Ohio
After more than 15 years
October 25, 2015
This gun shoots as good as the day I got it! I live in the country and this gun is perfect for getting rid of chipmunks, rabbits, squirrels and even possums. If I ever got another air gun it would definitely be a RWS.
ProsGreat quality and very accurate.
By Duane
Hendersonville, NC
Great Value for the Money
October 18, 2015
I recently purchased a refurbished RWS 34 in .22cal. I also purchased the UTG Drooper scope rail, and the Leapers UTG 3-9x40 True Hunter Rifle scope. As this is my first mid-price range rifle, I used the expertise of the folks at Airgun Depot, and I was not disappointed. The young lady that assisted me was very knowledgeable and helpful. As the rifle was a refurb, I did not know how many pellets had been fired thru it, but I treated it as it was new. I have not had any issues with the rifle at all, but the stock did have a pretty good 'ding' in the forearm area but that was not a deal breaker. When I received the rifle, I did call tech support to insure that I installed the scope rail properly (correct orientation). Again, the support was great. I have now put about 500 pellets thru the rifle and the groupings are starting to settle in nicely. I took the advice from some of the videos that are available and sighted the rifle in at 25 yards. My most recent group was just under 1 inch, with one flier not counted. I am using Crossman Premier pellets and they seem to be doing very well. I did purchase some other kinds of pellets and will soon begin to try others to see what kind of accuracy they provide. I am having more fun with this rifle than any other. It does allow me to practice trigger control, breathing, sight alignment, and so on, just as with my other rifles. But I can shoot this in the back yard without having to disturb the neighbors and without having to travel to the gun range. The noise factor is very satisfactory. One of the big reasons that I chose this rifle was the favorable comments and rating from others. I found that their feedback provided me with the right information to make a well researched purchase. If you are considering purchasing a rifle in this price point, I certainly would recommend the RWS 34. Thank you, Be safe and Practice often.
ProsAs this is my first quality rifle, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the trigger. After I got the feel for the trigger, I appreciate the smooth take up and then the positive release. While the rifle is a little heavy, I found that shooting off-hand was pleasant as it doesn't wave around like a light rifle does. I did watch some videos on using the Artillery hold and I have found that this is a very favorable way to support this rifle. Initially I had to keep on tightening the scope mount screws (on the scope tube) but now they seem to stay put. My next step is to use a little screw bond to hold them more permanently.
ConsNone, this is a quality rifle, no disappointments on this end.
By Stephen
Quality at a fair price
October 12, 2015
Surprised at the quality. Well finished stock, no blemishes. Accurate with open sites. Vermin on the run! One shoot one kill
ProsSleek, well finished. Great feel. Accurate great price for well constructed firearm
By Scott
Ellis, Idaho
Diana RWS Model 34 .177
August 1, 2015
Let me start by saying the this is my first Air-rifle since I was a kid (long time ago). They have come a long ways! Out of the box you can see that it's is a good quality rifle. The stock is wood and the weight might seem heavy for some but I like the feel and balance. The front sight is plastic, I have had no problems so far. Time will tell. As others have mentioned the rear sight had to be tightened down. After tightening the sights the gun shot considerably more accurate. The fiber optics, on both front and rear sights, has taken a while for me to get used to. I may be old school, at first they almost seem distracting. The pumping action is a little stiff at first but not bad. The rifle automatically sets the safety each time you pump it. I like this feature, however the safety switch is easily bumped to the off position. Have to keep a close watch on that.
ProsOverall a nice rifle for the price.
ConsWould have given 5 stars had the rear sights not needed tightening.
By Doug
Saginaw, MI
What I've Learned . . .
May 9, 2015
I'm very happy with the Model 34 177. It's a great entry level choice. What I've learned in shooting a couple thousand rounds over the last 9 months: 1) Air rifles are very, very good trainers at becoming a good shot with any firearm. My scores have improved with NRA Conventional Pistol because of my newly acquired air rifle experience. 2) They're very pellet sensitive. Mine doesn't shoot any RWS pellet nearly as good as equivalent JSB or H & N's. It prefers domed pellets between 7 grains and 8.5 grains. I can't overstate the difference pellet selection makes. At 30 yards I can't get less than 1 1/2" groups with any RWS pellet. Switching the JSB brings them to dime size immediately. 3) The TO6 trigger is great but if you fool with the factory setting you'll need to study via internet searches the best way to get it back to snuff. 4) I highly recommend the tune kits from Vortek. I installed the kit matching factory specs (without a spring compressor after watching several videos) and it turned cocking and shooting from a twangy boing sound to a professional sounding click and thwack. Groups also tightened up considerably. I chrono'd the 8.5 grain pellets at 860 fps and 7.3 grain pellets at 910 consistently after the kit installation. 5) Air rifles are not toys. I've shot two rabbits dead at 25 yards with head/neck shots and can push Canada Geese around at 100 yards.
By Russell
Awsome air rifle
March 16, 2015
Ordered it on a Tuesday. Shooting it on Friday. Cleaned the bore, put about 50 rounds through it, shoots a 1/2 inch low at 20 yards but with the open sights and an artillery hold I'm grouping at an inch. I don't plan on adjusting the sights until I shoot a whole tin through it. For now with compensation for the 1/2 drop I'm putting an end to pesky critters in my yard. My Diana 34 .22 is right at the top off my list for good quality at a good price from air gun depot. The T06 trigger is sweet. I expect this rifle to get tighter groups with time as it wears in and I'm already impressed with it. This is no toy gun, get one today, you won't regret it. Love mine! I read you have to keep checking the screws, I am but nothing has come loose yet but I will keep checking.
ProsLooks and feels solid, quality German craftsmanship. Nice bluing, clean wood stock, nice looking logo too. Sights are easy to see with my old eyes. Easy to cock unless you are real wimp.
ConsOnly one, I regret I waited so long to make up my mind to buy it.
By Mak
Charlotte. Nc
March 14, 2015
I have grown up and old with RWS air rifles. I purchased the 34 in .22 to eliminate the pesky squirrels in my backyard neting in the attic. I shoot bolt action rifles and sxs shotguns very familiar with guns and shooting and I am very very pleased with EVERYTHINGS about this air rifle. A typical perfection from Germans. The two gentlemen owners are pleasure to work with. I will for sure purchase my next air rifle and pistole from them
ConsCons from RWS MADE IN GERMANY? You must be kidding me!!!!!
By Bill
Very accurate
December 26, 2014
Very accurate
ProsVery accurate
By Mike
Placerville, CA
Happy Camper
October 4, 2014
New to airguns, bought the RWS Model 34 after reading dozens of favorable reviews. Mounted a BSA Sweet 17 3-9X40 scope using Accushot High Profile Rings so I could "control" the ground squirrel population around our rural property. Have put several hundred rounds through the gun, dialed in the scope, and already started reducing the squirrel population. Gun looks/feels very well made and operates smoothly - trigger is a delight! Thanks to AirgunDepot for having everything I needed in stock, and for teaching me how to use it through numerous blog articles. Very happy newbie!
ProsClassic design, solid construction, easy to operate, straight shooter
By Dizz
Southern WV
Nice Rifle!
August 5, 2014
Been Trying for A Year To Get A refurb Diana 34,were always gone by the time I get in from night shift. Was trying to figure out why this gun was returned,and have found two things. Some airguns,rare in Diana have tight barrel latch,takes a "tap" with the bottom of your hand to open the latch,without this you will pull&pull,UK Webley`s were most all like this. The other thing I found was wondering POI @ 30 yds.I found the stock front screw bracket that has the 1 phillips screw to the bottom of the receiver tube was loose,had to degrease it&use Locktite to cure it. After this I was shooting dime size groups@ 40yards.
ProsHigh power shooting 8G pellet @ 900fps.Nice wood&metal finish.You just can`t beat a Diana Rifle for the money,great German craftsmanship!
ConsThe hard plastic butt plate looks good,but will slide down shoulder when shooting from the bench,and will slide on a hard floor,minor nitpick really.
By Casey K.
United States
Nice Gun
June 29, 2014
I bought this gun in conjunction with UTG Compensation Mount for RWS Airgun and UTG Max Strength Picatinny Rings (2-Pieces 1-Inch Diameter, Low Profile, Compact). I'm glad I got the low profile rings, because any higher and your cheek would be off the butt of the stock. If you're looking for an ultra-quiet backyard gun, this may not be your gun. I'd guess it's probably average noise level. I know my neighbors came over today to ask what I was shooting (whoops!). Fortunately for me, they were cool about it. This gun is refurbished but it appeared to be perfectly new to me. If you use the gun, there's no reason for you to be worried about buying refurbished. Let's be honest, no one is going to buy an air gun to put in a display case. You might as well save some money and buy this refurbished version. I've shot about 150 shots, but I don't want to make any comments on the accuracy yet. Plus, I just installed the scope today. The gun seems to be a quality gun. It is not light/cheap feeling, yet it is not too heavy. I don't have much to compare this gun to, but it seems like a nice gun. If it was a little more quiet, I'd give it 6 stars.
ProsFit and finish Accuacy (TBD) Trigger Automatic safety
ConsA bit noisy, but probably no more than most spring-loaded air guns.
By James
Centennial, Colorado
Pretty good
June 21, 2014
I've been using this gun for ages hunting rabbits and squirrels in my backyard and I find it perfect for the job. Accurate & powerful, it gets the job done and is pretty cheap
ProsAccurate strong heavyweight well built
ConsTrigger gaurd sometimes needs to be screwed in
By Bill
Ventura, Ca
Affordable, accurate alternative to an expensive PCP rifle
June 18, 2014
I needed a super accurate .22 pellet rifle for pest control out to 75 yards and thought I was going to have to spend big bucks on a PCP rifle & air pump. If the PCP is empty it%u2019s going to take 5 minutes of vigorous pumping before it can be used so no way to hold steady and get a good shot after that without resting. So with the Father Day 12% off deal the RWS 34 is a little more than what the PCP pump costs. I mounted a Hammers 3-9X32AO air rifle scope (great value btw) that includes the one piece mount. Was able to get it zeroed at 40 yds by coming up 30 minutes (120 clicks) so I didn't need to buy a %u201Cdroop%u201D compensating scope mount. This is a full size rifle, not a little toy rifle. It makes my old Crosman 760 seem like a joke. Trigger is superb right out of the box. Rifle is definitely sub minute of ground squirrel accurate using RWS Super Domes and Crosman Premier pellets from Wally world. I%u2019m extremely satisfied with this well-made rifle, I%u2019m certain it will last me a lifetime and become a family hand-me-down.
ProsSturdy & extremely well made, break barrel locks up tight with ZERO barrel wiggle, laser beam accurate, superb trigger , comes with 3/8%u201D scope rail already installed, safety engages automatically when cocked & is easily released. Rear sight has click adjustments for both windage & elevation. Wood stock makes the rifle look nice. Sounds like a large staple gun being used so it won%u2019t upset the neighbors.
Cons: It%u2019s somewhat long & heavy for someone less than say 13 years old but fine for an adult, stock needs checkering at the grip, front sight is lite-weight plastic but it looks %u201Ccheap%u201D (don%u2019t care since I use a scope), rear sight is a little large & blocks maybe 10% of the scope objective lens. When the barrel is fully cocked & you%u2019re loading a pellet, the wood stock protrudes past the break barrel joint. The wood is thin so it seems prone to damage if you%u2019re careless and bump it into something.
By Loren
northern indiana
June 11, 2014
Found this item to be very accurate with Crosman R10 match grade pellets. Dime 10 out of 10 at 100ft. Didn't find any issues with the refurbished tag, except for slight surface rust in one tiny area-price was good. I rate this as the best springer I have owned.
Conssurface rust on ramp-cleaned up with rag/oil.
By Dan
Washington State
Great general use rifle
June 10, 2014
I recently bought an RWS 34 in .177 caliber from Airgun Depot. This is my second adult air rifle, the other one is the RWS 460 in .22 caliber (if I were to buy only one rifle, it would be in .22 caliber). I am amazed by the high quality of the RWS brand. The bluing and stock finish is flawless. The T06 trigger is the best I have ever encountered, including my hunting rifles. These are in the same league as a modern hunting rifle and have nothing in common with the toy-like air rifles of my youth. The accuracy and knock down power are amazing. The fixed sights are very nice with positive click adjustment (I have found no need to put a scope on this rifle). This rifle shoots the RWS Superdome pellets quite well. The RWS 34 is very easy to cock and does hit hard. When you can buy a quality German made rifle for just a little more than the rifles from Asia, its a no-brainer. Shipping from Airgun Depot was fast and the staff was first rate.
ProsVery high quality.
ConsI would like a rubber recoil pad on this rifle.
By Timothy
Warner Robins, GA
Great Deal on a great RWS
March 8, 2014
Best price on a refurb that arrived in perfect condition and functions flawlessly. That why I trust AGD!
United States
couldn't have made better choice
March 3, 2014
i bought this air rifle in 1994,22 cal. installed rws 2x7 scope.Accuracy is superb,fits like a reg. rifle.Have shop plenty of rats crows and pigeons.i also take it dove hunting with me.Friends have borrowed it many times for their rat problems,they all can't believe how accurate it is with so many one shot kills. GREAT AIR GUN AT LOW PRICE you can't go wrong.
By Andy
Basically Brand New for 50% Off!!
March 1, 2014
I've been waiting to get one of these refurbs for about 6 months and for some reason I just happened to look on a whim and caught them listed on the website before the email notice went out a couple days later! It must have been a sign from God that I was meant to buy one. Anyway shipping took about a week and the gun arrived in perfect beautiful condition. The only used thing I noticed was under the bottom of the stock there was two small indentions near the front in-between where the cocking lever action moves. But these are so minor that it doesn't bother me at all. You'd have to be really looking to see them. The best part about buying a refurb is that any problems it had have already been fixed and double checked by AirGun Depot. So its almost like your getting a free gun service by the experts! The gun has no markings indicating that its a refurb, as I've heard some people on forums received refurbs that had an "R" stamped into the gun. This one is clean as a whistle. The gun is shipped double boxed and has plenty of bubble wrap to keep it safe. Included is a copy of the basic manual and thats it. I don't know what usual comes with the RWS 34 new but that seemed like enough stuff for me. I think this is the best one to get without the scope as the scope packaged one is a pretty low quality scope. Might as well save a few bucks and get your own scope and mount. Overall awesome gun, awesome price, awesome quality as always from AirGun Depot
Pros50% off!!!! (German gun for Chinese price) Basically New Anything wrong has already been fixed and looked over by an expert
ConsPatience: Waiting for refurbs to be re-listed Waiting for shipping
By R
almost like new
March 1, 2014
I was close to order a new RWS Model 34P and a laminated stock blank to make a custom stock, when I saw that Airgun Depot had refurbished RWS 34 Classics in stock again. The price was unbeatable, so I've ordered one in .177 caliber and it arrived at my door 4 days later. It came packed in double cardboard boxes and wrapped in a single layer of bubble wrap with a copy of the instructions/manual. Apart from a tiny stamped in "R" on the action and a 1/4 inch long scratch in the bluing it looked like a rifle fresh from the factory in Germany. And here comes the BUT: upon closer inspection I found a 2" long crack in the end of the wooden stock, going from the lower butt plate screw all the way through the stock. Since the packaging was undamaged I doubt it happened during transport, in fact I think that the butt plate screw was tightened too much and caused the wood to crack. Annoyingly this slipped through QC before packaging. Since I was going for a custom stock anyway I didn't return the rifle, but I let Airgun Depot know about the issue. The rifle features the very good T06 trigger and it shoots like a dream! Usually I am not a big fan of fiber optic sights but I actually like the ones on this 34 a lot. They are a lot more refined than the ones you find on most Chinese made guns. The cocking on this break barrel isn't too hard and it snaps back into the closed position with a solid "clunk". Overall you can see and feel the German craftsmanship, it feels solid and sits well in your hands and I am sure with the right handling and care the RWS 34 will last for decades! There's a reason why this is one of the most highly regarded break barrel air rifles on the marked.
Prosoverall quality and feel very nice fiber optic sights T06 trigger almost looks like factory new awesome price for what you get! good and fast service from Airgun Depot
Consquality control before packing and shipping (see review)
By J
Great Gun!
February 21, 2014
Accurate right out of the box. I broke it in and now I'm shooting 2 inch groups at 50 yards with RWS superdomes. Just wish I bought it a month later for this price. I paid $279 just last month.....thanks Airgun Depot....lame
ProsAwesome gun all around.
Consnone....except hope that Airgun Depot doesn't drop the price $35 bucks right after you buy it
By chad
good gun kinda expensive for what u get
December 29, 2013
It holds good grouping without much effort the wood stock has cheap wood reminds me of a marlin model 60 wood stock
ConsCheap stock wish i would of got the the synthetic stock one
By Basspro
Columbus, Georgia
I've been waiting for this one!
December 4, 2013
The RWS Model 34 is a classic with high quality construction throughout. I already had a .177 cal Model 34 (bought new) and I was waiting for a refurb .22 cal gun. It took nearly a year but it finally became available. Just like the other previous reviews I can't tell any difference between my "new" refurbished and the new one I bought in 2012. This isn't the latest ultra power, nitro piston, whiz-bang model, but it has reasonable power, very good trigger, great accuracy and if cared for ... will last a lifetime! I'm very happy and at a great price!
ProsHigh quality construction and real attractive hardwood stock
By Sam
Savannah, Georgia
Good deal
November 27, 2013
Upon arrival, I was pleasantly surprised to find this was a T06! The stock was flawless. Other than the obvious "R" stamped on the barrel block, this would not be otherwise distinguished as anything other than new. As with any new purchase, the bore needed a quick swab to remove machining fluid leftovers. Cocking told another story. The grinding sound it made was a concern. I have some experience tuning my other airguns, so I opened this up to see what the problem was. After a few minutes cleaning here and polishing there, I put her back together and she is buttery smooth. Shot great after few hundred pellets.
By BJKct
United States, New England
Arrived in great condition
November 27, 2013
I had been wanting one of these for a while but wouldn't swallow the retail asking price. Everyone seemed to say the refurbs were really nice so I decided to bite. I'm very glad I did. The rifle arrived from Utah to New England within 3 days. Condition is almost perfect. In fact, the only things I can see are a very small wood imperfection (shallow hairline split) on the underside of rifle in front of trigger guard and a small "ding" on the bottom of stock. If I had purchased this new, I probably would not even have sent it back from these 2 imperfections. If this split worsens (which I don't think it will), I have enough woodworking sense where I can fix it. This rifle has the T06 trigger which is awesome compared to the Crosman/Benjamin triggers I'm used to. The first 50-100 shots were slightly hard and noisy to cock. I thought maybe there was not enough lube in chamber. After about 100 shots, everything smoothed out a bit, and now after 300-400 shots, things are smooth & have worked in nicely. Very accurate rifle, even with open sights and fun to shoot. Highly recommended to go the refurb route.
Pros- Beautiful condition - Price - Accuracy - Fun with open sights
Cons- Very small imprefection or two, but to be expected with a refurb. The price makes it worth it.
By Dimitri
The best deal you can find
November 14, 2013
I buy this Rifle for my son a few days a go and today arrive at home. This is the third 34 gun I buy from AGD and is the best deal not only for the $$$, but for this a little Rifle what accuracy and Craftsmanship has. Out from the box, I install RWS 3-9X40 Scope with RWS one piece Mount. By the 9th or 10th Shoot I was on the Bull Eye at the 70'!! I had nothing to play around with ,the TO6 Trigger was just right, the Wood Stock A-1, the break of the Barrel very solid when you close it and a good feeling handling the gun. This is the best of all Medium Air Guns, for only $145.00!!! My first RWS LAST ME 46 YEARS. WITH OUT DO ANYTHING TO THE GUN!! AGD, sold out of this gun in a half a day!! It worth every penny. After my son left home with his new Rifle, I find out in my Garbage Trailer was his Crosman Rifle!! He just dump it in there with the Scope too!! Maybe that will say it all.
ProsEverything A-1 in this Rifle!!
By Tim
Excellent quality at a great price.
September 16, 2013
I am very pleased with the rifle I received. Appears like new. Fun to shoot.
ProsExcellent deal on a quality RWS air rifle. Very accurate and outstanding T06 trigger.
ConsSmall crack in the plastic buttpad (not a deal breaker).
By Dimitri
Sahuarita, AZ
The best deal ever
September 11, 2013
I do not know about the rest of you guys, but mine was like new Rifle. Out of the box very accurate. The trigger is awesome. After I put a Scope on it, I site it to 85' in 1/2 inch grouping. Try to do that with a Chinese Rifle... The price? The best deal in your life time. As for the Warranty? Who cares, is not going to break down for years. My last RWS last me 40 years, till some stole it from me.
ProsAwesome Gun. Accurate, Trigger. All good about it.
By Dimitri
Sahuarita, AZ
One of the best.
September 11, 2013
This is one of the best guns in the Market. Just awesome gun for accuracy every time to 85' in one inch grouping. Never miss the Target. Other rifles might be stronger or chipper, will not have the accuracy or Trigger like this one.
ProsEverything is awesome in this Rifle.
By Kevin
Sandy, Utah
Beautiful Air Rifle
July 16, 2013
I have never owned an air rifle until now. I did a lot of homework on air rifles in this price range and the RWS Model 34 was clearly rated the best. I was amazed by the quality when I unpacked the rifle. I had read numerous complaints about the scope on the combo so I opted to purchase the Hawke Air Max 9x40 and pass on the combo unit. The Hawke scope is also impressive and well built. Alicia at Air Gun Depot was very patient on the phone and answered all of my questions. If you order on the phone ask for her. She is great. I opted to pick up my order in person at their warehouse and it was ready for pickup when promised. I highly recommend Air Gun Depot.
ProsQuality air rifle. Looks like a much more expensive rifle than what was paid.
ConsAbsolutely no complaints.
By Bongo M.
Southeast U.S.
High Quality Airgun
June 3, 2013
This is my first pellet gun! Right out of the box I was grouping pellets in a 2" circle at 30 yards. Powerful, accurate, not too hard to cock (and not nearly broken in yet). The construction and finish is as good as any rifle I own. When you pick it up, you can feel the quality. It's got some weight to it, but I often shoot from a resting position, so I don't consider this a disadvantage. This gun is very similar to firing a .22LR rimfire. A little loud, but acceptable. This is a serious pellet rifle.
ProsAccurate, powerful, well made.
By Anthony L.
Winterville, NC
Great deal for the price
June 2, 2013
My RWS 34 came with a regular classic stock, which really pleased me since I didn't want a monte carlo stock. Pictures and descriptions of RWS guns often give conflicting information on exactly what kind of stock is being offered. My refurbished gun had a 3-4" crack in the stock just above the trigger, which would be a deal breaker for many people but luckily I am able to repair it. I don't see how my gun was considered "refurbished" since apparently nothing was done about the crack. So, I guess sometimes people get lucky buying refurbished guns, but at other times not so much since they need additional work. I am delighted with the gun but now I have a project on my hands to bring the gun to first class condition.
ProsExcellent quality, very accurate, easier to cock than expected, good value for the price
ConsPlastic front sight, plastic shroud/cover near the safety, plastic trigger, slightly heavy, not "refurbished" as far as I can tell. Will require work to be truly refurbished.
By Greg L.
North Carolina
Simply awesome
January 29, 2013
First of all the accuracy on this gun is amazing! I am hitting nickel sized patterns at 50 yards. The power is great as well. Today I knocked down my third squirrel with the gun. This gun is fully capable of killing a coyote. Personally, I am trigger picky. The trigger on this gun is very easy to pull. If you're that teen that wants to kill the squirrels, this is the gun. I have had many other pellet guns that don't compare to this one. This is the scope I use for this gun-
ProsEverything. Be careful with a kid that is not used to high power guns. This gun has a shot extension of 650 yards. That is about the same as a regular 22. I put a 80 dollar scope on this gun. If you are serious about wanting to get an animal like a squirrel of even a bird, you should invest in a good scope.
ConsThis is no reason to not buy this gun today. I was shooting and the gun sounded like it dry fired 6 times in a row but it quickly went back to normal.
By james d.
pleasant grove, utah
rws diana 34
January 4, 2013
I haven't shot a pellet gun for almost 30 years. I decided to get myself one for Christmas this year. The rws 34 in .177 represents a substantial upgrade in power and quality over my 1980 crosman 766. Out of the box, this is a beautiful gun, just gorgeous. High quality, and German engineering just oozes from it. I've shot about 300 pellets through it now and I must say that it is powerful and very accurate. I've made no adjustments to the open sights and can riddle a 4" target from 50 yards both standing and kneeling (no bench rest). Surprisingly flat trajectory at that range, almost no drop. So far, I have only shot rws superdomes and they work excellent. For the price, I could not be more impressed.
ProsBeautiful craftsmanship overall Powerful and consistent rifle Love the fiber optic,open sights Very accurate Trigger action is very nice Reasonable price
ConsLike others have said, this rifle comes dry. Gotta lube the spring, air chamber, and hinge points after the first 50-100 shots. This isn't explained in the manual. I would like to have had a metal trigger and trigger guard. The cap on the end of the receiver as well as the front sight should also be metal.
By Hondo
Wow - Very solid and accurate
September 12, 2012
I bought this for my wife so she could clear the garden of squirrels, raccoons, and deer. It kills squirrels and raccoons and harasses deer enough to convince them to eat in some other garden. I am not a marksman, but this hits what I aim at. It is easy to load and shoot and I am extremely happy with it.
ProsVery accurate Solid Well built Fun to shoot
By johnny m.
baxley, georgia
great deal!!!!
April 20, 2012
couldn't tell the gun wasn't brand new. not one blemish on the stock or metal did i find. the gun is powerful and accurate. very satisfied.
Prosgun looked brand new. shoots accurate and powerful. great price.
By Claud
Raleigh, NC
Fantastic deal!
April 14, 2012
Received this rifle yesterday and immediately unpacked it and went over it for cosmetic flaws. Other than a VERY SLIGHT flaw in the bottom of the pistol grip (which will easily sand off), this rifle is perfect. No dents or nicks or rust in the metal work, the bore was like a mirror, all screws were perfect. This is like a brand new gun! This morning, mounted a fresh Leapers AO scope with sturdy 2-piece mounts, ran a Boresnake through the barrel, set up a ten yard target and proceeded to zero her in. On 2 shots, only had to move the cross hairs 1/4 turn up and left to get a center shot. Then proceeded to shoot for consistency. Unbelievable! This little girl put 4 out of the first 5 shots inside a quarter. Don't understand how she does so well without hundreds of pellets being run through her. By the way, this T06 trigger is unbelievable smooth. This is the second great buy in this rifle that I have made with AG-Depot. the first was in .22 cal., and I couldn't be happier. Thanks to these guys for such a great buy!
ConsAbsolutely nothing!
By pappa
Raleigh, NC
Fabulous deal
April 9, 2012
This rifle, for a refurb, is unbelievable. Right out of the box, it looked and felt brand new. Wiped it down, tightened the stock screws, ran a bore-snake through the barrel, put a good scope on it and had it zeroed in at 10 yards in about 8 shots. No sign of barrel droop. Although I can tell that it isn't broken in yet, it is performing very well and above my expectations. Already plinking 1 1/2 inch spinners at 20 yards with good regularity. Obviously has plenty of power because it is hitting HARD. Super smooth rifle, super great deal. Thank you Airgun Depot!
ConsAbsolutely nothing.
By Curlyhammed b.
Houston, Texas
20 years and still kicking
March 22, 2012
I bought a Diana 22 fifteen years ago and still use it. I loaned it to my 80 year old neighbor for his squirrel problems in his garden. One week later, he brought it back and said the slaughter was too intense for him. The standard for airguns as far as I am concerned. I use the steel sights, no scope.
ProsQuality Quality Quality
ConsI dislike that I don't have two of them.
By Rod
Martinsville In
Works great.Shoots hard.
March 22, 2012
No problems with this rifel.Refurbished and works great.Accurate and will shoot through a piece of pallet wood.
By Jarris
Charlotte, NC
March 21, 2012
It appears they listened to feedback and put a globe around the front site!
ProsListented to feedback
Consa little heavy for my tastes
By Bob P.
RWS Diana 34
February 27, 2012
Out of box, she is elegant and looked brand new, when cleaning the barrel i saw from the breach the bore is not at the center of the barrel , i decided to give her a try: after adjusting the very excellent T 06 trigger i shot 20 Crosman Premier H point pellets at 30 yards there were 3 flyers, the rest 17 pellets were into 3/4'', not "a dime", she is balance, sexy and she kicks gently.
ProsThe T06 trigger, it is better than any trigger of more than 30 riffles i have.
ConsThe bore is not centered to the barrel breach, this is why she got 4 stars instead of 5.
By Schu
Marine City, MI
16-years and 30K pellets later
December 6, 2011
I shoot my RWS model 34 more than any other gun I own, I live in a country setting where I can shoot any firearm I choose right from my back deck. I still choose my model 34 as my favorite fun gun, I have owned my 34 for 16-years and have put over 30K pellets thru this gun. The only failure was a broken main spring after 10 years. I sent the gun to a well known airgun specialist and had it repaired and tuned. That was 6 years ago and it shoots better now than ever before. You simply cannot buy a better spring air rifle for the dollar. You just can't do it. I know people who thought they found a better deal but later realized they lacked the quality, accuracy and dependability of my RWS model 34.
ProsEverything. It is soild, Well designed. Extremely accurate.
ConsYou need to tighten the 3 main screws at least every 25 shots. Find a good quality screw driver that fits perfectly or you will tear up the crew heads over the years. You should go ahead and order an extra set of these 3 main screws.
By EBang
Danvers Mass
Just an awsome gun
November 12, 2011
The triger alone is worth the money spent. Very light travel nice clean break and light pull, wich are all adjusable. Almost dead on out of the box. I have put a Bushnel rimfire scope on it and it holds well, somtimes its hard to find a good airgun to hold zero hence the barrel is hinged and the scope is on the spring.I have had none of this with this gun, do I am sure to it's German craftsmanship. Just an awsome classic. Get one and you will not be unhappy with it Im sure.
ProsThe trigger and the wood stock are just great as well as the spring that dose not kick as hard as some other guns of less calliber. sites are very good.
ConsI have nothing bad to say of this fine air gun. good job RWS
By Jonnie
Mixed Feelings
August 24, 2011
I bought this as a refurb so I was expecting some flaws and sure enough I got a few dings but not too bad. Still looks pretty decent and quality is evident. I did have dificulty sighting it in... maybe because it's a break barrel??? Trigger is very sensitive and would go off with just a slight pull. It does have a nasty recoil that can make your shoulder hurt and it's loud. I had a crosman phantom and I feel this shoots more accurate. Overall I still like the fact I got a German made air rifle for the price of the Chinese competition. Minus 1 star for not having manufacturer warranty for refurb and heavy recoil.
By james
rws 34 .177
July 24, 2011
Good quality. Took a little while to sight in, accurate ofter that. Metal sights are the reason I picked this one over anything else out there. Plenty of power, Over all a good experience buying and using this airgun.
By Dkato
RWS Model 34
May 16, 2011
I bought the RWS Model 34 for my son's birthday. I had never seen an RWS rifle and bought it on a recommendation of a friend. My son (14 years-old) and I couldn't be happier. It is a beautiful rifle and is a lot of fun to shoot. The workmanship is second to none. I was also very pleased with Airgun Depot. Ordering the rifle was super easy and it arrived without any problems and on time.
By Brady
Refurbished RWS 34
April 14, 2011
Great gun. Has a couple minor dings but shoot great. Didn't have to site in, shoots dime size groups.
By Mark
Very nice airgun
April 14, 2011
Everything was good. The gun is great and was received in a couple days. This gun shoot great!
By Randy R.
RWS Diana 34
March 23, 2011
I could not be more pleased with this rifle. It is very high quality, heavy, sturdy, well finished and impressive. I have the new model with the T06 trigger which I like a lot though I never tried the T05. The new stock does not have the raised cheek pad seen in some pictures but it is stout, comfortable and nicely finished. The fiber optic sights are new to me, I like them - I do not use a scope. I think the rifle is capable of higher accuracy than I can produce. I got it in a combo box meant for a rifle with scope, but it seemed in perfect condition and unused. Best price I've found, with the free shipping around 15% cheaper than anywhere else.
By Brad W.
RWS 34 .177
December 6, 2010
Very happy with this rifle. Great accuracy and a solid piece of workmanship!!
By Edmund
RWS Model 34 .177 cal
October 21, 2010
I really like the quality and solid feel of the RWS Model 34. The wood shines over time by handling it and rubbing silicone cloth over the entire rifle after each shooting session. The bluing of the barrel and receiver is really nice and well made. The iron sights are solid and easy to adjust with click-click precision. No allen wrenches needed! I got the .177 cal. I have had this rifle since August 2010 and have been shooting it in my backyard at spinners and targets at a distance of 20-25 yards. I love this rifle! once it was finally broken in, it became very smooth, and very easy to cock--and very accurate! I get Dime to Quarter size 6 shot groups using open sights at 20 yards. 8gr RWS Meisterkugeln and 8.3 gr. RWS Superdomes shoot very accurately with the 34. I got rid of pigeons and pests around the house. Initially, the cocking was rough and hard, but after my first tin of (500) pellets, the 34 got easier and smoother to cock. The two front stock screws kept getting loose during this period and the rifle recoiled a lot but no dieseling! When brand new, the rifle was rather dry so I put two drops of Chamber oil and lubed the joint and breakbarrel mechanisms and spring with Pelgunoil. You can tell the screws are loose if when after cocking, and while returning the barrel to the straight position, you get a feeling of grinding. I locktite in the screws and I have no problems since. Check the trigger guard screws as well. Now that I have shot over 2,000 pellets through it, the 34 is now way better -- a totally different rifle from when I first took it out of the box. I really enjoy this rifle very much. The only thing I would change would be to have a rubber butt pad on the stock. I own the RWS Feurkraft .22 cal 350 Magnum as well as the Synthetic RWS 350P .22 cal magnum and I love both of them, but for some reason, the cocking on the Model 34 is much much smoother. In my opinion, RWS makes the finest and most powerful and accurate spring-piston airguns in the world. There's a reason why the Model 34 is the best selling air rifle. I got rid of my Daisy, Crosmans, and Beeman RS2 Ram Air rifles and became an RWS fan. You get what you pay for. Buy one and you'll see why. You won't regret it.
By Ed
RSW 34 refurb
September 26, 2010
I have been shooting this rifle for about a month now and have been very satisfied with it. I am usually fussy about items that I purchase and return things if they fall short of my expectations. This rifle, I do NOT wish to part with. The RSW 34 is accurate, nice trigger pull, and a feel of quality. It is not even broken in, so the best is yet to come.
By Doug K.
Outstanding bang for the buck!
July 25, 2010
This is the first Airgun I have bought in 30 years and it was worth the wait! This is no frills, solid gun making at its best because everything from the barrel, to the sights, to the stock is understated but crafted for success at the mission of this gun - to put 1000fps of .177 pellet right where you point it!
By K R.
RWS Model 34
July 12, 2010
I received my model 34 today and it packs a wallop. The gun seems solid. I was disappointed in the quality of the barrel bluing though. The bluing is so thin on the barrel, you can see through it. The absence of a butt plate hurts the looks a bit as well. Over all, I give it 5 stars for function, but only 2.5 stars for external quality and appearance.
By Jeremy
Great gun
June 10, 2010
I'm about 250 rounds into my RWS 34. It's been accurate from shot one. The only time I had an issue was when the two front screws that hold the mechanics on the wood came loose. It shot high. They come loose ever so often but as the gun breaks in that issue seems to be going away. I will be buying some loctite for those screws which should solve the issue entirely. It's a great firearms quality gun. The trigger and the automatic safety button in the back are the only plastic parts on this gun, the rest is blued steel and hardwood. I have the feeling this won't be my last RWS rifle.
By Tom
RWS 34
May 27, 2010
Great gun, just a few dings on stock. Shoots very hard, good accuracy - .75 in at 25 yards with open sights, Cros HP pellets. Excellent quality gun for not much money, best deal out there. don't bother with Chinese stuff, get German quality the first time.
By Pete
Top Quality
May 1, 2010
I just got my RWS Mod 34 .177 yesterday. Top German quality. Open sights are excellent. I think the quality is great and the trigger is fine with no adjustments made. The safety is in a great place too. Finish overall was excellent. After about 250 rds, with a RWS pellet assortment, I achieved 10meter accuracy of holes touching. I use a bag front rest to sight in, placing rifle approximately under the stock lined up with the RWS crest. Left hand under in front of the triger, but not holding the rifle. This allows the recoil to be the same from shot to shot, with no flyers. The best groups for 10 shots were with the Meisterkugein, followed by Super-H-point, then the Hobby. Super Dome and Superpoint were OK. I feel the rifle is capable of more accuracy than I can shot from the standing position. Being 64, I still can see the small 10 meter targets clear enough. A cheap target I use for all my center fire rifles is those color inventory spots. You can use any color. They are about the size of a dime and I like the flou orange or pink. The iron front post covers it so you can see dead center as opposed to black target center. I know that I will be doing better when this gets settled in. I would like to add that the folks at AIRGUN DEPOT, are very helpful, and the shipping was very quick. I will be back.
By joe p.
refurb mod. 34
April 1, 2010
I got the 34 yesterday, looked it over. It looks new except for the r stamped on it. I got to shoot it today, shoots great, except for the typ. dry RWS internals. It groups darn good, for a new gun without cleaning the barrel. No dnager in harming the gun, just better shooter with lube tune. I an going to lube it, and order another one, and chop the barrel. safe shooting,joe
By AG M.
Impressive & Quality Built
April 1, 2010
Right out of the carton this Diana Model 34 is shooting tight groups at 10, 20 and 30 meters. Super-Smooth cocking effort, and surprisingly quiet with 7.9g and 10.5g pellets. I got lucky with this Refurb Diana Model 34 .177! You won't be disappointed with this quality air gun. -AGM
By Ben
Beats Chinese Hands Down
February 26, 2010
My first springer was a Daisy Model 1000. I had about 40,000 rounds through that before I shot it out. The guy at the service center sent us a newer model with the automatic safety. It broke after about 5 tins. I bought a Quest 1000, and it broke after 3 tins. Then I bought this one. I never realized a low-end springer could have a good trigger! It's solid, with good fit and finish, even if it's not fancy. I'd recommend it. The trigger's plastic, but it's solid. I added a Leapers TS 4X with mil-dots and it's a great shooter. I can hit sparrows from 30 yards with relative ease. I'm not expert marksman, but this seems to fit the bill. It seems to like Crosman Premier lights. Lots of places don't recommend anything heavier than 9 gr. or lighter than 6.9 for springers.
By Eddie H.
Quality and Price
May 20, 2008
Based on other reviews, I decided to buy the rifle without the combo scope, as buyers seemed to love the rifle, but had problems with the scope. The price was good, RWS makes quality airguns, and I'm pleased with its accuracy and the fact that it's a 22 cal. delivering more punch. My son already had a .177 cal RWS rifle so I knew it was well built. I would recommend the rifle, but cannot give an opinion on the scope, as I did not get it.
By James B.
quality rifle
September 6, 2007
I have owned a model #34 for about 15 years. Once you site it in at a distance every shot is there. It is an excellent machine.
By Jan J.
Target rifle
August 1, 2007
I unpacked the newly arrived rifle with great anticapation, only to be afraid that it was broken. The breakaway barrel is extremly difficult to break loose. The safety was also extremly difficult to pull, however as time and use it has become better. I spent an hour getting it sighted in and still need to spend more time bringing it closer to bullseye. I find it a quality made rifle. I am sure by the grouping this will become a fine target rifle. I am pleased with the cost vs. value.
By TIm
this baby has balls
January 13, 2007
Right out of the box this baby smokes!
By howard r.
rws 34
November 30, -0001
the standed in airguns,all others take back seat
By howard r.
rws 34
November 30, -0001
excellent airgun. rws best seller

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